11 March 2021 | KeyForge

Dark Tidings Delays

An Update On the Release Schedule for Dark Tidings


Hello, KeyForge players.

As you all are aware, Dark Tidings, the fifth set of KeyForge, was originally scheduled to release worldwide this Friday, March 12. It is with heavy hearts that, due to unprecedented worldwide shipping congestion, we must now inform you that Dark Tidings will not release simultaneously in all territories.

Because of the bottlenecks in certain ports, Dark Tidings will now have a staggered release schedule. Some countries will have decks available starting on March 12, as was originally planned. Others will have decks in stores in subsequent weeks, and by mid-April fans should be able to pick up their Dark Tidings decks worldwide. We know this is not ideal, and we appreciate your patience as we try to get everyone their decks as quickly as possible.

In addition to shipping delays, we must also inform you that a system failure has made it currently impossible to discover or register decks from the Dark Tidings set. This is a global issue, which means that even if you are in a region that releases the set close to the original March 12 date, you will still be unable to register your decks on the Master Vault. We are working around the clock to fix this glitch, and we will provide updates to let you all know when the issue has been resolved and you can finally discover your Dark Tidings decks.

Please note that the issues with the Master Vault only affect decks from Dark Tidings. Decks from previous KeyForge sets can still be registered without issue.

Adventures Await!

We do still have some exciting news to share! Starting in April, we will release a free, brand-new way to play KeyForge using any of the decks you have collected. This project, called KeyForge Adventures, is a cooperative version of the game that can also be played solo, giving you a new way to experience KeyForge like never before!

For more information on KeyForge Adventures, check out the official announcement article here. Look forward to lots of adventures to come!

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