Reliving the Legacy

Announcing the New, Repackaged The Dunwich Legacy Cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game


“No one, even those who have the facts concerning the recent horror, can say just what is the matter with Dunwich.” – H.P. Lovecraft, The Dunwich Horror

A monstrous presence once terrorized the secluded village of Dunwich. The season of horror ended only after three professors from Miskatonic University—Dr. Henry Armitage, Dr. Francis Morgan, and Professor Warren Price—ventured to Dunwich, armed with secret knowledge that enabled them to defeat the creature. Now, several months later, Dr. Armitage’s colleagues have gone missing, and he fears the worst…

Fantasy Flight Games is thrilled to announce The Dunwich Legacy, a pair of repackaged expansions for Arkham Horror: The Card Game!

Return to the very first cycle of content for Arkham Horror LCG with The Dunwich Legacy Investigator Expansion and The Dunwich Legacy Campaign Expansion. Similar to the previously-announced Edge of the Earth expansions, all player cards for this cycle can be found within the Investigator Expansion while all campaign- and scenario-related cards can be found in the Campaign Expansion. This is the perfect opportunity for new fans of the game to experience its very first full-length campaign, and for longtime fans to catch up on any parts they may have missed. Whether you want just one of the expansions or both, no Arkham fan will want to miss The Dunwich Legacy!

Note: Any longtime fans of Arkham Horror: The Card Game who already own everything from the original The Dunwich Legacy cycle will not find any new cards or content within these two new expansions.

Drifting into Dunwich

In order to help you overcome the terrors of the Mythos, The Dunwich Legacy Investigator Expansion comes with five playable investigators to rise to the challenge.


Each investigator has their own strengths and weaknesses, and the five from The Dunwich Legacy all share an interesting level of deckbuilding adaptability. While the investigators from the core set are limited to just one “primary” class and one “secondary” class of cards—such as Roland Banks (Revised Core Set, 1) only being able to include Guardian and Seeker cards, respectively—all of The Dunwich Legacy investigators can include cards from any class outside of their “primary” one in their deck! However, the trade-off is each of these investigators can only include up to 5 out-of-class cards in their decks, and only ever at their most basic level. You’ll have to plan carefully if you want to bring out the full potential of these five characters!

Whether or not you mix up their decks, there is no denying that the investigators themselves have plenty of tools to combat the Mythos. Take Zoey Samaras (The Dunwich Legacy Investigator Expansion, 1), for example. With high health and solid sanity, Zoey is perfectly suited to dive into the fray against monsters of all kinds. By using Taunt (The Dunwich Legacy IE, 17) to draw enemies in and then brandishing her cross (The Dunwich Legacy IE, 6) at them, Zoey can deal some preemptive damage before she even attacks her foes. With events like Emergency Aid (The Dunwich Legacy IE, 105) and "If it bleeds..." (The Dunwich Legacy IE, 225), Zoey can keep fighting pretty much indefinitely, which is good, since she also has an obsessive need to Smite the Wicked (The Dunwich Legacy IE, 7). If she can’t defeat her designated foe by the end of the scenario, then the guilt will haunt her for the rest of the campaign!

Where Zoey follows a determined path of righteous smiting, "Ashcan" Pete (The Dunwich Legacy IE, 5) follows the road to wherever it takes him next. With his trusty dog Duke (The Dunwich Legacy IE, 14) at his side, Pete is a kindhearted drifter who just wants to help any people he can. While Pete’s stats may not seem that impressive at first glance, Duke more than makes up for his lack of both combat and investigation skills, and the best part? Duke doesn’t even count toward Pete’s ally slot, which means he’s never forced to choose between his best friend and another ally. (And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t choose Duke?)

Even if Duke is exhausted, Pete still has access to some handy tricks up his sleeve. With a Fire Axe (The Dunwich Legacy IE, 32) in hand, Pete can spend some resources to reliably attack an enemy, and he can always check out the Newspaper (The Dunwich Legacy IE, 155) if he needs help with an investigation. Even if none of these things are available, Pete can always Rise to the Occasion (The Dunwich Legacy IE, 192) in a pinch. Pete just needs to be careful not to rely on his assets too much—if he becomes Wracked by Nightmares (The Dunwich Legacy IE, 15), he won’t be able to use any of them!

Where Horror Awaits

Even if you have no interest in the investigators of the Investigator Expansion, you can still look forward to a thrilling story in The Dunwich Legacy Campaign Expansion!

The campaign begins with a call from Dr. Henry Armitage, the head librarian at Miskatonic University and an old mentor of you and your fellow investigators. The elderly man is distraught because two of his colleagues—Dr. Francis Morgan and Professor Warren Rice—have gone missing, and he worries they may be in trouble. You must try to find them, and the adventure begins with a choice: who will you look for first? That decision will determine which scenario you play first, and it will have lasting consequences for the rest of the campaign.

Your investigations will take you from the Miskatonic Museum to a speeding passenger train and, eventually, to the titular village of Dunwich itself. Throughout your journey, you must find Dr. Armitage’s colleagues and keep them—and Armitage himself—safe, and hopefully put a stop to the machinations of a mysterious group before they summon the end of the universe as we know it!

All eight scenarios of The Dunwich Legacy campaign are included in the Campaign Expansion, with all the twists and turns that come with them. With courage, wits, and a bit of luck, you may yet be able to solve the dark mysteries surrounding the village of Dunwich. Are you up to the challenge?

Undimensioned and Unseen

With dark forces on the rise and a sinister plot hidden in the backdrop of Dunwich, only you and your fellow investigators can hope to unravel the truth and save the world. Whether you missed the original version of The Dunwich Legacy or are just now getting into Arkham Horror: The Card Game, you can look forward to adding The Dunwich Legacy Investigator Expansion and The Dunwich Legacy Campaign Expansion to your collection when both products release in early 2022!

You can pre-order your own copy of The Dunwich Legacy Investigator Expansion (AHC65) and The Dunwich Legacy Campaign Expansion (AHC66) at your local retailer or online through our webstore today!

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