6 January 2021 | Star Wars: Legion

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Preview the Separatist Specialists Personnel Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion

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“Their chances of success against us are 742 to 1”
–Tactical Droid TX-20, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The Separatist Alliance’s nigh-inexhaustible reserve of battle droids and their supporting engines of war is a very real threat to the galaxy. The implacable advance of superior numbers is often the default tactical approach for Separatist commanders, though at times the deployment of more specialized droids to support the endless ranks of battle droids is required to ensure victory.

Soon, you’ll be able to make use of these specialized droids with the Separatist Specialists Personnel Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion!

Within this expansion, you’ll find a T-series Tactical Droid who can lead an individual unit as a personnel upgrade or your entire army as a commander. Three new command cards that can be used by any Separatist commander give this tactical mastermind even more options for directing your forces in the thick of battle. In addition, a Medical Droid, Worker Droid, and Recon Droid can add new tactical support options to any unit with the Personnel slot.

Join us today as we take a closer look at the Separatist Specialists Personnel Expansion!

Superior Calculations

Droid armies are direct and unwavering, yet they can struggle to anticipate the creativity and resourcefulness of Clone commanders. To adjust to these complexities, the T-series Tactical Droid directs Separatist forces with unfathomable tactical discipline, either from the front lines or safely from their command center.

Though not the strongest combatants, the T-series Tactical Droid can direct multiple units with cold efficiency. As the leader of an invidual unit, a T-series Tactical Droid can direct the unit personally, insuring the other droids aren’t reliant on their AI programming, while also adding to the reliability of the attack and defense rolls of the unit with the inclusion of an automatic surge token every round. The upgrade version also bolsters the attack of their unit with an additional red dice, which adds up with the inclusion of a heavy weapon in the unit.

A T-series Tactical Droid can prove just as effective when they lead an entire army. Not only do they provide an inexpensive option for your Separatist forces, thus freeing up valuable points to take even more infantry or fitting in expensive options like an AAT tank, they also contribute to better order control, a characteristic that helps the Separatist army thrive. In this capacity, they efficiently direct their fellow droids on the battlefield with the ability to issue an order to a friendly corps droid trooper unit whether they are the nominated commander or not. Combined with the Coordinate ability from B1 or STAP units, this can contribute to complete control of your droid forces every round.  To further define their support role, during their activation they can bolster up to two friendly units with surge tokens. New upgrades in the expansion like Portable Scanner,  is useful for any leader, but becomes even more vital when combined with Vigilance that allows up to two friendly trooper units at range 1–2 to keep a dodge token into the next round. A very useful tactic when fielded alongside units like Maul or Dooku, who benefit greatly from dodge tokens.

Beyond the contents of this expansion, these commanders can continue to improve their armies with the addition of other command upgrades. With all those face up order tokens, an upgrade like Strict Orders can help keep suppression under control for several units and Inspiring Presence further increases the courage value of units within Range 4. If you are looking to employ more Aggressive Tactics , you can stack up the surge tokens on your units to further ensure their success. 

Beyond their leadership skills, T-series tactical droids also bring new tactical options to the fore with three new command cards available exclusively to the Separatists. Order control is further improved when deploying vehicles with the Mechanized Incursion command card, which can spread out your order chain and also give you a high chance of activating first in the round with one of your units.

If a Separatist commander has spotted a distant threat that they will have a hard time reaching, they can take more direct action by calling in an Orbital Strike . This attack can suppress a problematic unit early on and the orbital barrage is something even a Jedi cannot deflect. This card can also be used by a Field Commander unit like an AAT upgraded with the T-series Tactical Droid Pilot, adding even more utility. Vehicles aren’t the only way for the Separatists to mount an offensive though. Droid troopers are perhaps the best resource Separatist commanders have to complete their objectives and when bolstered with a card like Roger, Roger! , your ranks of battle droids become even more resilient with the benefit of dodge tokens, or adaptable, with the flexibility of surge tokens.

Specialized droids add all new options to suit your battle plan. Though the Separatist army is largely composed of droids, the leadership of the Separatists is often made of flesh and bone. Accordingly, an EV-series Medical Droid can keep your Sith overlords and their bounty hunter compatriots healthy on the front lines by removing wound or poison tokens. If your tactics veer more towards mechanical resiliency, the PK-series Worker Droid is a great inclusion to keep the rest of your army in working order.

Droids excel at coordination and communication, but if you want to mark a unit for termination, the Viper Recon Droid can call out an enemy unit with observation tokens, bestowing valuable accuracy to other units that attack the marked enemy unit. These little droids are also capable of defending themselves and can contribute two white dice to their unit’s attack pool at range 2.

Upgrade Your Tactics

Though templated and mass-produced, the Separatist army greatly benefits from the inclusion of specialized droids to perform vital tasks. Through this specialization the droid legions can overcome and adapt to better crush the forces of the Republic. Tap into these superior tactics when the Separatist Specialists Personnel Expansion arrives on February 19!

The Separatist Specialists Personnel Expansion (SWL77) is releasing alongside the Republic Specialists Personnel Expansion (SWL75) on February 19. Pick up your copies at your local retailer at that time.


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