16 September 2020 | Legend of the Five Rings LCG

When the Wave Strikes the Shore

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The hole around her fist seemed to grin, and Mirumoto Hitomi struck the shōji screen again, a howl escaping her throat. The walls of her bedroom seemed too far away. The dim shadows were too black. The blood pounding in her ears too deafening.
–Mari Murdock, “When the Wave Strikes the Shore”

For Mirumoto Hitomi in the Imperial City, the time for patient observation and passivity has passed. Action is needed if any part of Rokugan will be saved from the absence of an Emerald and Ruby Champion and a treasonous regent sitting on the throne. But what will be the repercussions of Hitomi’s actions against Shoju—and will justice or vengeance guide her blade?

You can read the next chapter of Legend of the Five Rings fiction, "When the Wave Strikes the Shore" (14 MB) by Mari Murdock now!

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