Fury of the Empire

Preview the TIE/rb Heavy Expansion Pack for Star Wars: X-Wing


“How about that? Is that real trouble?”
   –Qi’ra, Solo: A Star Wars Story

The success of the Empire’s TIE line of starfighters is built upon the speed and maneuverability these ships bring to combat in open space. When it comes to patrolling dangerous sectors such as the Akkadese Maelstrom surrounding Kessel, however, something more rugged, like the TIE/rb heavy, is necessary to ensure the Empire's domination. 

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Despite sharing a similar appearance to the Empire’s iconic starfighters, this ship, sometimes known as the “Brute,” distinguishes itself with its heavy armor and capacity to house an integrated MGK-300 droid co-pilot. Soon, you’ll be able to bolster the operational flexibility of your Imperial Squadrons with the TIE/rb Heavy Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: X-Wing!

Within this expansion, you’ll find all the components you need to add one of these intimidating ships to your squadrons, beginning with a beautifully detailed, pre-painted TIE/rb heavy miniature featuring canons that rotate to cover both the ship's front and rear arcs. Additionally, four ship cards provide pilots of all skill levels to fly your TIE/rb against any opponent while 12 upgrade cards invite you to outfit it with additional weapons, two distinct MGK-300 configurations, and more. Finally, a medium plastic base, two medium ship tokens, and a dial help you navigate in battle.

Read on for a full look at everything included in the TIE/rb Heavy Expansion Pack!

Big Trouble

Designed to operate independently and without the support of carriers, the TIE/rb’s flexibility makes it a valuable asset to Imperial squadrons across the galaxy. Not only does the ship’s heavy armor stand up to blaster fire and the harshest environments alike, its swiveling blaster cannons make it easy for the TIE/rb to both pursue craft through dangerous environments and shake hostiles from its tail.

With such an intimidating ship at their command, TIE/rb pilots are particularly ruthless, going to great lengths to make things difficult for opposing fighters. A pilot like “Rampage,” for instance, lives for the pursuit, maneuvering in close to reduce a target’s agility with strain tokens. Lyttan Dree, meanwhile, also uses the TIE/rb’s imposing bulk to bully opponents, approaching them from the sides to boost attacks made by friendly ships at range 0–2 with a reroll.

But even without special abilities, TIE/rb pilots are some of the boldest in the Imperial Navy. For many, this begins with their training at Carida Academy, which emphasizes loyalty and prioritizing victory over the lives of their comrades. These instincts are even more evident in the skilled pilots of Onyx Squadron, who will chase a target no matter the danger to their lives or ships.

Whichever TIE/rb pilot you choose for your squadron, they call can be assisted by an MGK-300 droid co-pilot that can be customized to each mission. For example, all speed 3 straight and bank maneuvers become a bit easier with a Maneuver-Assist MGK-300 installed, giving the pilot additional options for shedding stress while also maintaining speed. Better still, this droid intelligence also unlocks the calculate action for the TIE/rb, even after performing a barrel roll to get into position.

Alternatively, a Target-Assist MGK-300 makes precise targeting calculations as ships approach at range 2–3. Useful enough on its own, this droid intelligence is particularly helpful if the TIE/rb is outfitted with a set of Synced Laser Cannons  that can rob a target of its range bonus while also ensuring the TIE/rb can modify its dice during the upcoming engagement.

The addition of a droid intelligence coupled with the ship's rotating blaster cannons improves the TIE/rb's performance and makes it especially dangerous with an array of weaponry. An Ion Cannon firing out of the rear arc can knock any pursing craft off course, but this doesn’t mean the pilot is defenseless from the front. They can also squeeze off a Snap Shot to deter any who dare get too close.

While the TIE/rb may not be as nimble as is counterparts in the TIE line, it is still capable of precise flying in the heat of battle. In fact, talented pilots can pull off an Ion Limiter Override after fully executing a red maneuver to perform a barrel roll that lines up an attack with a Heavy Laser Cannon or helps them make a Deadeye Shot. Even if this doesn’t completely keep them out of harm’s way, the TIE/rb can always rely on some Ablative Plating to avoid unnecessary damage in particularly rugged environments.

Ruthless Intimidation

To dominate every corner of the galaxy, the Empire needs a starfighter that can effectively fight in any environment without backup. Expand your Imperial squadrons and impose your will on the battlefield with the TIE/rb heavy!

Intimidate your foes with the TIE/rb Heavy Expansion Pack (SWZ67), arriving at your local retailer on October 30. Pre-order your copy at your local retailer or online through our website—with free shipping in the continental United States—here!

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