Out of the Ashes

Preview the Xi-class Light Shuttle Expansion Pack for Star Wars: X-Wing


“I’ve waited a long time to return the favor.”
   –Gideon Hask, Star Wars Battlefront II

The First Order’s agents are scattered across the Star Wars™ galaxy, lying in wait to reclaim the glory of the Empire. Whether they plot against the New Republic from the depths of the Unknown Regions or within the heart of the Core Worlds, the Xi-class Light Shuttle is often a key part of their sinister plans.

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Ideal command platforms for clandestine operations and raiding parties alike, Xi-class shuttles enhance the effectiveness of the First Order’s more nimble fighters and allow some of its most devious agents to impose their will on starfighter battles. Soon, you can play out your own schemes with the Xi-class Light Shuttle Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: X-Wing!

This expansion gives you everything you need to add a Xi-class Light Shuttle to your First Order squadrons, beginning with a finely detailed, pre-painted miniature. Meanwhile, four ship cards invite you to dispatch one of the First Order's elite operatives into battle and 14 upgrade cards invite you to fully customize your Xi-class Light Shuttle with new crew members, tech, and more. Finally, two quick build cards give you the chance to use helpful, pre-built combinations of pilots and upgrades.

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A New Order

The First Order is but a shadow of the former Empire. Its starfighters may resemble their Imperial predecessors, but they enter combat in a galaxy where the balance of power has shifted. To effectively combat the Resistance and reclaim its former glory, then, First Order squadrons must adapt to this shift, and nowhere is this willingness to adapt more clear than the Xi-class Light Shuttle.  

Effective at both boosting friendly fighters and disrupting the enemy, the Xi-class Light Shuttle also gives some of the First Order’s most ruthless operatives a platform to unleash havoc on opposing forces. A vindictive leader like Commander Malarus, for example, is always looking to maximize the damage the ships under her inflict by giving them the chance to reroll a blank result during a primary attack. If they still cannot hit their target, Malarus takes matters into her own hands, perfecting her skills  and honing in on her target no matter the cost.

At the same time, the mere presence of an officer like Commander Pyre can intimidate an enemy pilot, causing them to gain two stress tokens as soon as his squadron appears. But his benefits don't end there. Pyre also gives his ship a valuable defensive bonus, allowing it to reroll a defense die if the attacker is stressed.

Other First Order operatives like Agent Terex are less direct than these officers, concocting plots and watching them unfold over several rounds. Terex begins with three calculate tokens on his card that he can then distribute to friendly ships at the start of the Engagement Phase. Once these tokens have run out, he arguably becomes even stronger. Now outfitted with a cyborg construct, he either gains a calculate or jam token during the System Phase that can then be transferred to another ship as an action. 

But this isn’t the only way for Terex to exert his influence on the ships around him. Unafraid to use illicit technologies to give him a boost in battle, if he takes  the controls of a Xi-class Light Shuttle, he can share these upgrades with friendly TIE/fo or TIE/sf fighters. With three Illicit upgrade slots, he can grant these ships powerful advantages with some Inertial Dampeners, Contraband Cybernetics, or even a Deadman’s Switch.

Not to be outdone, like Terex, Commander Malarus can also pilot a Xi-class Light Shuttle. When she does, she continues to push the pilots in her squadron to make their shots count, forcing them to gain a strain token to reroll a blank primary attack result. Malarus isn’t the only Xi pilot to offer a costly benefit to their wingmen. Carrying on the traditions of the Empire, former Imperial operative Gideon Hask helps turn swarms of light fighters into a dominant force. He can easily become the cornerstone of any First Order formation, giving his squadmates the chance to finish off a damaged defender with an additional attack die.

Even if the Xi-class Light Shuttle is piloted by a lowly First Order Courier, the ship is sure to be outfitted with the latest tech. The addition of some Automated Target Priority helps make the ship’s choice of target easier while also performing the necessary calculations after a failed attack to ensure success the next time around. Alternatively, the First Order often makes use of Sensor Buoy Suites to protect its hidden enclaves and these devices can help you be more prepared to engage with the enemy. 

Return to Glory

It is time for the First Order to rise and restore the Empire to what it once was. Deploy a Xi-class Light Shuttle and wipe away the Republic! 

Bring order back to the galaxy with the Xi-class Light Shuttle Expansion Pack (SWZ69) for Star Wars: X-Wing, arriving at your local retailer on September 25. Pre-order your copy at your local retailer or online through our website—with free shipping in the continental United States—here!

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