Beneath the Light of Jade

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Kuni Yori approached the dispatched oni’s remains, stepping much closer to them than his apprentice had. Wisps of smoke still wormed out from the oni’s mottled flesh, rising from where the jade light had touched it.
–Robert Denton III, “Beneath the Light of Jade”

Danger stirs in the Shadowlands, as Kuni Yori and Isawa Tadaka face the growing Taint. What will become of these characters, and will they survive the darkness that awaits south of the Wall? You can find out in "Beneath the Light of Jade" (1.4 MB), a brand-new Legend of the Five Rings short story by Robert Denton III!

In addition, this short story sets up a new story choice for all Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game Hatamotos! The story choice prompt is: “Kuni Yori’s soul has been compromised by the Shadowlands Taint. Will he follow the path of humility and return to face his champion’s judgment, or will he follow the path of courage and continue his work against the Shadowlands under Isawa Tadaka’s vigilance?”

If you’re a Hatamoto, you’ll be able to make your choice in a poll that is now live! Cast your vote for the path of humility or the path of courage in the poll here. From the time that the poll is posted and shared on our social media, you’ll have 24 hours to vote, so consider your options and prepare to determine the fate of Kuni Yori!

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