26 June 2020

A Statement on Noah Bradley

Important Action Steps from Fantasy Flight Games


In every product from Fantasy Flight Games, we pride ourselves on bringing tabletop games to life with a vast assortment of best-in-class art, created by outstanding artists working independently from around the world. Tabletop games exist to bring people closer together, and everyone at FFG is dedicated to creating a safe and enjoyable community that’s free from harassment or abusive behavior.

It was recently revealed that an artist we have worked with, Noah Bradley, engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with members of the tabletop gaming and artist communities. Fantasy Flight Games does not tolerate these actions that are so abhorrent to our values, and as of today, we are cutting all ties with Noah Bradley, including no longer commissioning new artwork and stripping his art from reprints of affected products.

Regrettably, because of the long production timeline between the original commissioning of art and the arrival of that product on the market, some of his artwork will still appear in a limited number of upcoming products.

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