A Discerning Eye and an Unyielding Resolve

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Since Chiari had first informed Yaruma of the importance of her testimony, the emptiness in her stomach had only grown. Either the testimony would dismantle the very legitimacy of the Emerald Empire, or she would be quietly removed from her post, never to be seen again.
—Tyler Parrott, “A Discerning Eye and an Unyielding Resolve”

Tensions are high as Kitsuki Chiari arrives to present her report to Agasha Sumiko, the Ruby Champion. The information she has to share is bound to have dire consequences no matter how it is received, either for her or for the empire as a whole. Despite the risks involved, Chiari knows that it is her duty as an investigator to give her testimony in pursuit of the truth—no matter who may find that truth to be… problematic.

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