17 June 2020 | Star Wars: Legion

Aggressive Negotiator

Preview the Padmé Amidala Operative Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

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“I call it aggressive negotiations.”
   –Padmé Amidala, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

The Clone Wars have put an unprecedented strain on the Galactic Republic, threatening to bring an end to this democracy that has stood for a thousand years. In this time of crisis, strong leaders are needed to protect everything that the Republic stands for. In some cases, these leaders may even have to put themselves in harm’s way and make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of the Republic.

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Despite the rampant corruption surrounding her, Senator Padmé Amidala is committed to the ideals of democracy. Embarking on countless diplomatic missions across the galaxy, Amidala is ready to use both her political and martial skills to rally planets to the Republic’s cause. Soon, she will be ready to undertake missions as part of your armies with the Padmé Amidala Operative Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion!

Within this expansion, you’ll find a beautifully sculpted, unpainted hard plastic Padmé Amidala miniature to add to your collection. As you assemble this miniature, you’ll be able to customize its look, choosing between two distinct weapons and whether or not Padmé Amidala appears with a cape. Beyond how she appears in combat, six upgrade cards invite you to further enhance Padmé Amidala’s skills and her three signature command cards let you adjust your tactics to fit the circumstances of the mission.

Join us today as we take a look at everything included in the Padmé Amidala Operative Expansion!

Uniting the Galaxy

Leadership takes many forms. In times of war, some leaders navigate labyrinthine bureaucracies to support the troops fighting on the front lines. Others lead these troops in battle, seizing victory with decisive tactical decisions. A rare few like Padmé Amidala blur the line between both worlds as they fight for their beliefs.

No stranger to conflict, Padmé Amidala’s entrance into politics at a young age has helped her hone skills just as useful on the battlefield as they are on the floor of the Galactic Senate. Chiefly, she exhibits an extraordinary amount of courage on the battlefield and—despite not assuming direct command of Republic troops—her leadership skills still shine through, helping organize and improve friendly forces.

As a Senator, Padmé Amidala excels at getting the best out of those around her. She often leads by example, allowing friendly units at range 1–2 in line of sight to spend her green tokens. Better still, she has plenty of ways to ensure she has an abundance of these tokens available to those who may need them. She can always rely on some quick thinking to gain an aim and a dodge token, but all three of her command cards give Padmé Amidala even more ways to obtain a wide variety of green tokens.

If she decides to place the fate of her mission in the hands of some trooper units at range 1–2, Padmé Amidala can bolster both herself and them by transferring any number of suppression tokens from these units to herself. Not only does this help fuel her ability to sense danger heading her way, she can also a dodge token for each suppression tranferred, gaining up to two total dodge tokens, which can be spent by both her and the troopers.

Similarly, while she is engaging in some  Aggressive Negotiations Padmé Amidala provides the flexibility to choose between gaining one of several useful green tokens or performing a quick speed-1 move that could give them the upper hand in the upcoming round. At the same time, if Padmé Amidala has been trained to perform an  Offensive Push,  then she can still gain an aim token by choosing to perform the free move.

Finally, Padmé Amidala can unlock even more options by assuming some Diplomatic Cover. As a permanent card, this card is not discarded from play, and its effects persist until the end of the game, but it has different effects depending on whether it is revealed to your opponent. If you choose to reveal it at the start of the Deploy Units Step, Padmé Amidala can infiltrate the battlefield with the protection of a dodge token, putting her in prime position to complete a secret mission and gain an additional victory token. On the other hand, choosing not to reveal this card makes Padmé Amidala even more reliable when it is played, providing her with a surge token she can then share with her fellow troops every round.

Even though she does not directly lead the Republic’s forces into battle like Obi-Wan Kenobi or Clone Captain Rex, Padmé Amidala also lends her experience to an army in many ways beyond simply sharing her green tokens. She can also use her authority as a Senator to help coordinate battle plans, passing on orders when she would be issued them, or even helping devise some Improvised Orders of her own.

Padmé Amidala may focus much of her attention in battle helping others be at their best, but that doesn’t mean she can’t also contribute offensively. Equally adept with a blaster as she is at martial arts, she can stand toe-to-toe with many foes. She is also highly adaptable, often putting a weapon like an E-5 blaster she’s scrounged from the battlefield to deadly use.

Lead By Example

Padmé Amidala may not be an elite clone commander or a master of the Jedi arts, but no one believes in the ideals of the Galactic Republic more than her. Add her to your army and keep the spirit of the Republic burning bright! 

Look for the Padmé Amidala Operative Expansion (SWL66) to release alongside the Cad Bane Operative Expansion (SWL67) in July. Pre-order your copies at your local retailer or online through our website—with free shipping in the continental United States—here!

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