A Missive from the Front

Read New Clan Letters from the Lion Clan and Unicorn Clan


Open conflict has broken out between the Lion Clan and the Unicorn Clan, and now, commanders Akodo Zentarō and Shinjo Yasamura have written urgent messages for their clan loyalists and supporters, with key details on the progress of the war on the frontlines!

If you’re a member of the Lion Clan, you can find Akodo Zentarō’s letter here (9.5 MB).

Devotees of the Unicorn will be able to read the letter from Shinjo Yasamura here (5.7 MB).

Show your support and take the time to read how the ongoing war is affecting both the Lion Clan and the Unicorn Clan, and look for more Legend of the Five Rings fiction to support the unfolding story of Rokugan!

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