Heart of the Mountain

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It was the fruits of this passion that had drawn Yoritomo, Captain of Captains, to the mountain’s dark and secretive interior. This is where our story begins.
–Keith Ryan Kappel, “Heart of the Mountain”

For years, the Mantis Clan has been shunned by the Great Clans of Rokugan, regarded as little more than pirates and scavengers. Despite these lowly beginnings, the Mantis daimyō, Yoritomo, has ambitions that run far higher… and even now, he chases a legend from Rokugan’s misty past in his unending search for recognition. As Yoritomo’s quest heats up, there are certain to be dramatic consequences for the Mantis Clan and the entire Emerald Empire…

You can read this story of the Mantis Clan today! "Heart of the Mountain" (9 MB) by Keith Ryan Kappel is now available for download on our website.

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