Truth and Lies

A New Legend of the Five Rings Short Story Is Now Available


Bayushi Yojiro remained solemn, his voice tinged with concern. “Dark clouds gather around Toshi Ranbo, my lady, and your arrival heralds even more uncertainty. For what purpose do we owe you the honor of your visit?”
–Katrina Ostrander, “Truth and Lies”

Ousted from the capital by Shoju, Bayushi Kachiko has been imprisoned within Toshi Ranbo, languishing with nothing left to manipulate. Yet this is the very city that Doji Hotaru now pushes toward, with an eye toward claiming a place for her armies to shelter. Can two souls become linked by destiny? And what will be the fallout of the unfolding confrontation—for Hotaru, Kachiko, Yojiro, and the entire Emerald Empire?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present "Truth and Lies" (2.5 MB), a new Legend of the Five Rings short story by Katrina Ostrander. This fiction serves as the conclusion to the trilogy begun in "Caged Birds" (2.4 MB) and continued with "Violence Behind Courtliness" (2 MB).

Keep a close eye on our website for more Legend of the Five Rings fiction in coming weeks!

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