The Sea and the Sun's Shadow

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Tensions had grown tighter and tighter as they progressed further from the coast, nerves stretching like bowstrings. Oguri hoped they would reach their destination before any strings snapped.
–Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda, “The Sea and the Sun’s Shadow”

Rokugan’s border with the Shadowlands is a dangerous place at any time, and recent events have not increased its safety. Now, Yasuki Oguri sails with a Mantis crew to investigate the Watchtower of Sun’s Shadow, but none can predict exactly what lies in wait for them inside the watchtower’s walls. The encroachments of the Shadowlands may reach further than any samurai could know…

You can read a brand-new Legend of the Five Rings short story today— "The Sea and the Sun's Shadow" (1.2 MB) by Annie VanderMeer Mitsoda! This story is a direct follow-up to "A Game of Promises" (9.2 MB), and a continuation of the story choice made by the top Crab Clan player at Winter Court 2018.

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