Courtly Nets and Hidden Snares

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The court was his battlefield. Today, Shoju was his opponent. The Imperial Chancellor watched the Scorpion, the yearning sinews of his heart eager like a bowstring behind a nocked arrow.
–Mari Murdock, “Courtly Nets and Hidden Snares”

Bayushi Shoju reigns over Rokugan as the Imperial Regent, but his rule is not free from unrest. As conflicts between the Lion and the Unicorn continue to erupt, Kakita Yoshi sees an opportunity to pressure Shoju, undermining his rule and potentially exposing a fatal weakness. But as Yoshi lays his schemes, the question arises—has he also forsaken a path of honor and wisdom? Are the Crane any better than the Scorpion?

Read the next chapter in the unfolding story of Rokugan with "Courtly Nets and Hidden Snares" (1.5 MB), a new Legend of the Five Rings short story by Mari Murdock! This story follows the events of "Behind the Empty Throne" (6.1 MB) and "Wind Through Falling Leaves" (6.3 MB).

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