Violence Behind Courtliness

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“Sadly, I am not here simply to arrange weddings, but to prepare for a war. While General Daidoji Uji retakes Kyūden Kakita, we will press on against the Lion and the Castle of the Swift Sword, where we can lay siege to them with our Unicorn allies. But first, we must reassert our claim over Toshi Ranbo.”
–Katrina Ostrander, “Violence Behind Courtliness”

The chill of winter is fast approaching, but this is no season for rest or hesitation. If the Crane Clan would avoid defeat, Doji Hotaru must plot the path forward for the Crane—and even if they choose to reassert their claim over Toshi Ranbo, how exactly will they bypass the countless dangers that wait on every side?

To discover Doji Hotaru’s choice, and its ramifications for those within Toshi Ranbo, read "Violence Behind Courtliness"  (2 MB), a new Legend of the Five Rings short story by Katrina Ostrander! This story is a direct sequel to last week’s story: "Caged Birds" (2.4 MB), also by Katrina Ostrander.

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