The Art of Matchmaking

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A loud shrill yell interrupted her thoughts, and the noises around her abruptly changed character. Shizue slid open the door, and the chaos of battle swept across her vision.
–Nancy M. Sauer, “The Art of Matchmaking”

A diplomatic caravan travels toward Unicorn lands, carrying Doji Shizue with it. Shizue faces a mission of deadly importance—to arrange an alliance between the Crane and Unicorn Clans that will allow both to survive against the Lion’s recent aggression. But not everyone among the Unicorn is open to the possibility of an alliance, and even if they can broker a treaty, what do the Crane have to offer in this tumultuous time?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to introduce "The Art of Matchmaking" (24 MB), a new Legend of the Five Rings short story by Nancy M. Sauer! This story resolves the negotiations between Kakita Yoshi and Ide Tadaji set up in "Wind Through Falling Leaves" (6.8 MB).

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