In Pursuit of Truth

Announcing the Third Dynasty Pack in the Dominion Cycle


The Emerald Empire is gripped by turmoil. The Scorpion have seized the capital and Bayushi Shoju sits upon the throne as regent. While evil forces make their moves in the south and within the realm, the clans scrabble for power, abandoning the honorable virtues of Bushidō. Which clans can survive the coming storm, and will Rokugan endure with its noble soul intact?

Order your own copy of In Pursuit of Truth at your local retailer or online through our website today!

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce In Pursuit of Truth, the third Dynasty Pack in the Dominion cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, and it’s now available for pre-order at your local retailer and online through our website!

As part of the Dominion cycle, In Pursuit of Truth adds unique new mechanics to challenge players’ understanding of the game—most especially with your provinces. The provinces under your control have been changed forever by the introduction of events in your dynasty deck, along with two new keywords: eminent and rally. Whether you’re venturing into enemy territory or defending your own people from invasion, you’ll find the game’s provinces placed in the spotlight throughout the Dominion cycle.

Lands of the Crane Clan

For the Crane Clan, pulled between two rival siblings, the current political situation is full of unspoken dangers. Yet despite these rivalries, many of the Crane still strive to conduct themselves with honor, acting as a true samurai in the midst of the disreputable behavior that surrounds them.

You’ll find it much easier to honor your own samurai in Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game if you control the City of Tsuma (In Pursuit of Truth, 49). This new Crane province has only three strength, and it bears the new eminent keyword, meaning it starts the game faceup and it’s a target from the very first turn. Tsuma offers a powerful ability, however: every character that you play from this province enters play honored!

Honoring characters is a hallmark for the Crane Clan, simultaneously boosting their skill and giving you honor when your character leaves play. Honor is especially important for a character like the Asahina Augur (In Pursuit of Truth, 54), who goes from zero skill to three military and political skill when he is honored. Beside his skill in conflict while honored, the Augur gives you a powerful ability to peer into your own future and influence the outcome. While this character is in play, you can look at all facedown cards in your provinces, helping you to make important decisions about the future. And if that weren’t enough, you can also cycle those cards, discarding a card from your provinces to make room for a new card that may be more suitable for your current situation.

The Asahina Augur’s foresight comes from a mystical source, but you can also control your own destiny by tapping into The Wealth of the Crane (In Pursuit of Truth, 63). This event has a hefty cost of five fate, but that cost is reduced for each faceup province you control—giving you an additional benefit for using eminent provinces like Tsuma. And when you do muster the fate to pay for this event, you can look at the top ten cards of your dynasty deck and put one of those cards faceup into each of your non-stronghold provinces! When it comes to calling the perfect characters into action to fight for the Crane Clan, there’s no substitute for this event.

Establish Your Dominion

The Crane Clan may be divided, but if they can hold the path of honor, they may be able to find the single, perfect path forward. You can chart your own course for the Crane and the other clans of Rokugan with the In Pursuit of Truth Dynasty Pack, planned for release in the second quarter of 2020!

You can pre-order In Pursuit of Truth (L5C31) at your local retailer or online through our website today!

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