Campaigns of Conquest

Announcing the Fourth Dynasty Pack in the Dominion Cycle


In the aftermath of the Emperor’s death, the Great Clans of Rokugan scrabble for power. Some search for certainty amidst the storm, others use the chaos in the Imperial City to solidify their own base of power. The virtues of Bushidō have guided samurai from every clan through countless dangers, but the pressure is building and the cracks in the Empire are beginning to show…

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Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Campaigns of Conquest, the fourth Dynasty Pack in the Dominion cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

As the next piece of the Dominion cycle, this Dynasty Pack leans into the biggest themes of the cycle, boasting three dynasty deck events and nine cards with the new rally keyword. New cards for each of the seven Great Clans enhance their deckbuilding options, while a new Lion stronghold invites Lion Clan players to explore a new type of deck centered on your Bushi. Can you safeguard the future of the Emerald Empire and uphold your clan’s honor?

The Might of the Lion

The Lion Clan’s power has been shaken and tested by constant warring with the Crane. If you’ve been looking for new direction for your Lion Clan, you may find it with their new stronghold included in this Dynasty Pack: Hayaken no Shiro (Campaigns of Conquest, 71).

 With twelve honor, ten influence, and plus two province strength, Hayaken no Shiro offers a good range of starting stats, but the true power lies with its Action. At any time, you can bow your stronghold to choose a Bushi character with printed cost two or lower and ready that character! Just bringing a Bushi into multiple conflicts can be useful for tipping the scales in your balance. But there’s also another compelling new Bushi that you’ll find inside this Dynasty Pack.

Ikoma Tsanuri (Campaigns of Conquest, 79) weighs in at two fate, making her a perfect target for Hayaken no Shiro—but she packs quite a punch for her reasonable cost, with good stats and the rally keyword to pull an additional card into her province. What’s more than that, however, Tsanuri’s ability reads, “During conflicts in which this character is participating, your opponent cannot trigger abilities on the attacked province.” When it comes to provinces, almost all of them boast triggered abilities that can make life difficult for the attackers. With Ikoma Tsanuri and Hayaken no Shiro, you can lock down the province abilities for both of your attacks each round.

Of course, even if you’re putting most of your effort into pushing strong attacks through, it can help to have a good plan for an extended siege. If you’re playing a Fire role, Under Siege (Campaigns of Conquest, 89) can give you a way to burn down your opponent’s prepared defenses. By playing this after a conflict is declared, the defending player must set aside their hand of cards and draw five new cards, potentially leaving them with few options for mounting a successful defense. Alternatively, if you’re in a pinch and nearly out of cards as the defender, you can play Under Siege to refill some of your hand, potentially drawing into the cards that could make the difference between a successful defense and a broken province.

Launch Your Campaign

Whether you’re fighting for the honor of the Lion Clan or you’ve sworn your allegiance to another clan, you’ll find a host of new cards to revitalize your decks and bring new tactics to your provinces in Campaigns of Conquest. You can look for this Dynasty Pack to release in the second quarter of 2020.

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