A Night Storm Rages

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“Father,” Doji Kuwanan said, “I have failed.”
–D.G. Laderoute, “A Night Storm Rages”

As all of Rokugan trembles, the Crane Clan itself is torn apart from within. Not only have they been ousted from Kyūden Kakita, leaving the Lion in control of an ancestral palace—the clan itself is divided by the warring siblings, Doji Hotaru and Doji Kuwanan.

Now, Doji Kuwanan begins his quest for redemption after failing to secure the Imperial Heir, leading a dangerous attack on Kakita Palace. But will the Heavens judge him worthy?

You can read the next chapter of Legend of the Five Rings Fiction, "A Night Storm Rages" (9.5 MB) by D.G. Laderoute today! This story is a direct follow-up to the events in "The Price of Failure" and "Roar of the Lioness."

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