10 February 2020 | Star Wars: Legion

Armored Assault

Preview the AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

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“Ouch time.”
   –Captain Tarpals, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Despite declarations of neutrality, the Trade Federation is one of the Separatist Alliance’s staunchest military supporters and nowhere is this support clearer than when an AAT battle tank appears on the battlefield. Imposing in size and firepower, the AAT is the perfect complement to the Separatist’s massive droid armies.

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With a powerful main laser cannon, anti-personnel lasers, and the option to add a deadly array of other weapons, these tanks often form the backbone of Separatist attack groups. Soon, you’ll have the chance to harness the raw power of these tanks in the battles of Star Wars™: Legion with the AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank Unit Expansion!

This expansion puts the might of an AAT battle tank at your fingertips, beginning with a beautifully sculpted, unpainted hard plastic miniature that can be assembled with its hatch closed or with a B1 Battle Droid operator on the lookout for new targets. Already a potent force in combat, eight upgrade cards invite you to load your AAT battle tank with a variety of shells, add specialized pilots, and outfit it with comms systems.

Read on for a full look at the AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank Unit Expansion!

Show of Strength

The Separatist military’s strength may be based in the multitudes of lightly armed battle droids it can send into battle, but that does not mean its entire strategy relies on this numerical advantage. Instead, the AAT battle tank provides the brute strength to decimate even the most hardened clone troopers and Jedi Knights. In this role, it provides an intimidating presence that quickly draws the enemy’s attention away from the battle droids the AAT supports.

The power an AAT possesses becomes apparent from the moment one appears on the battlefield. Its MX-8 artillery laser cannon is primed to punch through even the most fortified enemy position and the lateral anti-personnel lasers can sweep up any infantry units that dare to venture too close to the AAT’s front arc.

In addition to these potent onboard weapons, the AAT can also be outfitted with two sets of shells that can be fired in conjunction with another weapon to cause even more destruction. Firing some High-energy Shells alongside the tank’s main cannon, for instance, can be an effective way to soften—or eradicate—enemy defenses from a distance. If the enemy is truly dug in, however, some “Bunker Buster” Shells could be a good way to send them scurrying into the open.

Perhaps even more powerful than the weapons themselves is the array of options the AAT battle tank has for using them in battle. Not only can it combine two weapons into a single attack action thanks to the Arsenal keyword, it can instead opt to pepper opposing armies with rapid barrages of fire. This allows it to shell opposing forces and pile on suppression tokens that will rob them of actions.

Even with its complement of heavy weaponry, the AAT still functions in a fashion similar to other Separatist forces. Like B1 Battle Droids and Droidekas, its droid operators also possess the limited AI that compels them to press the attack unless they have a faceup order token, restricting their ability to position and prepare to fire. Fortunately, these operators can be replaced with improved versions like a T-series Tactical Droid that both usurps this programming and can be nominated as a commander when a friendly neutral command card is played.

Beyond the tactical droid, other pilots bring their own benefits to the AAT. An OOM-series Droid Pilot may not improve the AI, but it does integrate the AAT into the rest of the droid army, allowing it to use its considerable size as a link in the chain of droid troopers. To truly test the limits of the AAT, though, you need to turn to an organic pilot like Lok Durd. In addition to removing the AAT’s reliance on AI, this arms developer also makes his tank’s weapons output all the more suppressive, helping pin his foes in place.

Crush Them

Whether softening key targets from afar or leading the charge with its weapons blazing, the AAT battle tank is a stark reminder of the might of the Separatist Alliance. Add one to your army and conquer the galaxy!

Look for the Trade Federation AAT Battle Tank Unit Expansion (SWL64) at your local retailer later in the first quarter of 2020. Pre-order your copy at your local retailer or online through our website—with free shipping in the continental United States—here!  

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