The Yogo Curse, Part 2

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Deep in one of the vaults carved into the bedrock below the Castle of Learning, Yogo Junzo whispered the incantation to unseal the ward protecting the lacquered chest. Within lay his father’s research and correspondence—and proof of his father’s treachery.
–Josiah “Duke” Harrist and Katrina Ostrander, “The Yogo Curse, Part 2”

Darkness falls on the Yogo family’s Castle of Learning, and as Yogo Junzo considers his father’s hidden documents, the decisions that he makes on this fateful night may have dire consequences for the entire Scorpion Clan—and all of Rokugan.

Keep reading the story of the Temptations cycle with "The Yogo Curse, Part 2"  (3 MB), a new piece of Legend of the Five Rings fiction by Josiah “Duke” Harrist and Katrina Ostrander. If you haven’t yet read it, you can learn more about the events unfolding in this short story by reading "The Yogo Curse, Part 1" (3 MB).

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