15 December 2020 | Star Wars: Legion

Hunter of Spectres

Announcing the Agent Kallus Commander Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion

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"Next time they make a move, we'll be waiting for them, to snuff out that spark before it catches fire."
   –Agent Kallus, Star WarsRebels

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To the Galactic Empire, loyalty is everything, even if it has to be enforced. Whenever rebellion rears its head, then, the Imperial Security Bureau is there to correct it. Ever vigilant and endowed with seemingly limitless authority, its agents use both brute force and their own cunning to bring dissidents in line and snuff out any signs of insurgency. 

Feared both within and without the Imperial ranks, none are safe from the long reach of the ISB. Soon, you'll be able to add one of its very best agents to the ranks of your Imperial armies. Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce the Agent Kallus Commander Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion!

This expansion invites you to put this ruthless agent in command of your army, beginning with a highly customizable, unpainted hard plastic Agent Kallus miniature that reflects his status as a ruthless Imperial agent. In addition to choosing between two facial expressions for your miniature, you'll also be able to assemble your Agent Kallus with the trademark Imperial Security Bureau helmet or with no helmet at all. Finally, Agent Kallus is deadly up close and with a blaster and you can choose whether he appears with his signature J-19 Bo-Rifle in its blaster or staff forms.

While these features project Kallus' status as a ruthless ISB agent, his unit card clearly outlines all of his abilities and his three signature command cards reflect his capacity to shape your strategy through careful tactical planning and his own martial prowess. Despite all of his skills, Kallus is still susceptible to sympathizing with his enemies, a weakness that is reflected in Flaw card included with this expansion. Finally, Agent Kallus carefully calculates what he'll need for each battle and seven upgrade cards invite you to choose the gear and training that best fits your battle plan.

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Suppressing Dissent

In their mission to ensure ultimate loyalty to the Empire, Imperial Security Bureau agents are expected to be just as adept in a fight as those they lead into battle. Agent Kallus more than lives up to this ideal and, in doing so, is the rare commander who can take on either of these roles in your army.

It takes more than skill with a blaster to root out rebellion and Agent Kallus is among the very best at anticipating and foiling his opponents' plans. He knows the importance of remaining flexible, which is why he's always making contingency plans. While building a command hand, Kallus can set aside two extra command cards. Later on, when he needs to change his tactics on the fly, he can also replace his revealed command card with one of his contingency cards with the same number of pips. This alone means Kallus works exceptionally well alongside other Imperial commanders and operatives, but his cunning pushes this one step further, allowing him to both ensure the right command card is played at the right time while also winning priority for the round.

No matter whose plans are being enacted, Kallus is unafraid to join his troops in the midst of battle. His sharpshooting combined with the piercing blasts of his RK-3 blaster pistol make him particularly dangerous at range 1–2, especially given his ability to convert surge results to critical hits. Meanwhile, as an ISB agent, Kallus has also undergone advanced combat training to hone his skills in hand-to-hand combat. He needs the right equipment to put these skills to the best use, of course, and some  Ascension Cables  could help him get the drop on his enemies.

But this is only the beginning. Kallus is also highly skilled with a J-19 Bo-Rifle, making him even more versatile in battle. When it is in its blaster  form, Kallus can make a more powerful attack from a longer range. This attack may not have the innate pierce of his RK-3, but it is lethal nonetheless and he can spend the aim token he gains from his Tactical 1 keyword to give it Pierce 1. Alternatively, the weapon's  staff form retains every bit of its lethality in melee combat while also giving Agent Kallus the chance to charge into melee combat.

Equipping Agent Kallus with his J-19 Bo-rifle clearly makes him a more aggressive and capable combatant. With these tools at his disposable, he can more easily challenge an opponent to face him  and gain even more benefits. This command card makes Agent Kallus even more ferocious in melee combat, giving him the chance to gain a dodge token as he charges at his opponent and convert surges to blocks during the encounter. Better still, enemy units engaged with him have no choice but to take him on and cannot withdraw, giving Kallus a great opportunity to inflict some damage. Finally, the defensive boons he receives from this card become even more pronounced during these encounters if he's been trained to have the  Situational Awareness  to dodge critical strikes.

Snuff the Spark

Agent Kallus is prepared to snuff out the smallest specter of dissent. See all the different ways he can lead your Imperial armies in future previews!

Look for the Agent Kallus Commander Expansion (SWL80) at your local retailer in February 2021. Pre-order your copies at your local retailer or online through our website—with free shipping in the continental United States–here!

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