9 November 2020 | Star Wars: Armada

Teaming Up

Your First Look Inside the Galactic Republic Fleet Starter for Star Wars™: Armada 

"I know if we work together, we will stay alive."
   –Plo Koon, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

War has shaken the peaceful Galactic Republic to its core. Pushed to the brink by the seemingly endless fleets of the Separatist Alliance, the Senate now relies on the Jedi Knights and legions of clone troopers to turn the tide. Together, these two groups man their own warships in the desperate fight for the fate of the galaxy.

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As Star Wars™: Armada enters the epic space battles of the Clone Wars, players will be able to mount their own defense of the Republic with the Galactic Republic Fleet Starter!

More than just adding new ships, this set introduces an entirely new faction to the game, giving you your first opportunity to assemble fleets of iconic Republic warships and fighter squadrons while experiencing everything the faction has to offer. To begin building your first fleets, you’ll find an Acclamator-class Assault Ship miniature and two Consular-class Cruiser miniatures as well as four squadrons of V-19 Torrent starfighters.

In addition to the miniatures, this Fleet Starter invites you to fine-tune your fleets down to the smallest detail. All three of the capital ships can be fielded in two variants depicted on six ship cards, giving you the freedom to choose the ship type that best fits your strategy. Meanwhile, two squadron cards let you choose between a generic group of V-19s and one led by the elite clone pilot “Axe”. Finally, Republic ships are remarkably customizable and you can use the 20 upgrade cards found here to outfit your ships with additional officers, weapons, and more.

Read on for first glimpse inside the Galactic Republic Fleet Starter!

A Greater Cause

The Republic may not be able to match the sheer numbers of Separatist fleets, but what it lacks in numbers, it more than makes up for in skill and experience. Unlike opposing Separatist ships manned by expendable droids, Republic warships are commanded and crewed by Jedi, clones, and other personnel from across the Republic all united to defend the cause. As a result, Republic fleets are characterized by a sense of cooperation and synergy between ships and their crews.   

This sense of cooperation begins from the very top of the chain of command and this Fleet Starter lets you choose your fleet’s commander from two of the Clone Wars most iconic leaders. Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi knows that the Republic will need every last ship if it is to win the war. As such, he does his best to keep his fleets safe by allowing any friendly ship to reduce the total damage by one when it spends a readied Redirect token.

Alternatively, Bail Organa may not be a military leader, but he can still use his authority as a Senator to aid Republic fleets. He begins each game with a combination of Navigate and Repair tokens totaling five on his card and, when a friendly ship reveals a command, Organa can discard up to one token of each type to grant that ship an additional command dial matching the token’s type.

With these commanders leading the way, Republic ships have plenty of ways to support one another, beginning with the Acclamator-class Assault ship. With a well-rounded mix of speed and firepower focusing on a heavy front assault, this ship can take the lead of any Republic attack group. What’s more, each of its two variants brings its own strategies to the table.

Featuring two Offensive Retrofit upgrade slots, an Acclamator I-class Assault Ship can expand a fleet’s capabilities in many ways. If one outfits its V-19 Torrent Squadrons with Hyperspace Rings , for instance, there’s no need for these starfighters to wait in the ship’s hangar bay. Instead, they can Scout ahead and be placed outside of deployment zones and do not have to be placed at a distance 1–2 of a friendly ship. At the same time, they must be beyond distance 1–5 of enemy ships when placed, forcing them to choose the best approach into the fight.

The benefits are increased If the Acclamator leading them into battle happens to be the Nevoota Bee . This ship can use its squadron dials and tokens to help its starfighters Swarm opponents during their activation. At the same time, the Nevoota Bee can make squadrons that already have Swarm, such as the one led by “Axe,” even more dangerous by letting them reroll a die while attacking a ship.

While the Acclamator I-class focuses on offensive upgrades to expand its potential, the Acclamator II-class can rely on its own raw firepower. This version of the ship features an extra blue die in its forward arc, both improving its overall firepower and making it a bit stronger at medium range. Better yet, the ship is already well suited to return fire and can increase these capabilities by plugging some Reactive Gunnery into its Defensive Retrofit slot. If it does, it can then spend any readied defense token to resolve the Salvo effect instead.

No matter which Acclamator option you choose, both can be outfitted with weaponry and crew that enhance the ship’s inherent strengths and exhibit the Republic’s tendency toward cooperation. Adding some Swivel-Mount Batteries , for instance, allows the ship to boost a single hull zone with a die of any color from an adjacent hull zone’s attack pool.

The Acclamator may be the most powerful from its front hull zone, but Clone Captain Zak can further enhance a Swivel-Mount attack from the side or rear hull zones with yet another die. Finally, this attack can be made even better with the help of some Clone Gunners who can discard another friendly ship’s concentrate fire token to make the attack even more accurate.

The offensive synergy between Republic fleets is evident, but isn’t the only way they can support one another. If all else fails, ships like the Implacable are ready to sacrifice some of their own shields to reduce the amount of damage a friendly ship or squadron takes. Altogether, Republic fleets band together to fight for the greater cause.

Join Forces

With the Jedi in command and clones following their lead, the Republic's fleets must come together as one if they hope to stave off the Separatist menace. Bring your forces together in a fleet totally your own with the Galactic Republic Fleet Starter

The Clone Wars come to Star Wars: Armada on December 4. Pre-order your copies of these expansions at your local retailer or online through our webstore—with free shipping in the continental United States—today! 

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