19 November 2020 | Star Wars: Armada

Form Up

Preview the Republic Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: Armada

“Give it everything you’ve got!”
   –Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

As the Republic mobilizes its fleets to meet the rising Separatist menace, the smallest ships can make the biggest difference. Working in concert with larger warships like the Acclamator-class Assault Ship, the Republic’s array of starfighters are an integral part of its strategy and can play a decisive role in the epic space battles to come.

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With Star Wars™: Armada entering the tense combat of the Clone Wars, these starfighters are more important than ever. Soon, you can have access to an entire stable of Republic starfighters with the Republic Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack!

This expansion puts eight additional fighter squadrons representing some of the Republic’s most iconic starfighters at your fingertips, including two Delta-7 Aethersprite squadrons, two BTL-B Y-wing squadrons, two ARC-170 squadrons, and two V-19 Torrent squadrons. Some of the Clone Wars most enduring heroes flew these starfighters into battle, of course, and 11 squadron cards give the freedom to choose between generic fighter squadrons or seven led by elite pilots.

Join us today as we take a closer look at the Republic Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack!

Working Together

The Republic has no shortage of skilled pilots. Jedi Knights skilled in the Force and clone troopers bred for battle are both available to support Republic fleets in a variety of starfighters. Just like the crews of their warships, then, Republic starfighter squadrons feature a mixture of these two groups working together to complete the mission.

Jedi often take the lead in these engagements and, with the Force to aid them, it should be no surprise that they are particularly skilled pilots. Flying into battle in the Delta-7 Aethersprite,  a ship fine-tuned for their unique abilities, even a simple squadron of Jedi can pose a challenge for enemy fighters.

On top of the ability to launch counterfire against squadrons that attack them, the Force aids these Jedi both offensively and defensively. Their adeptness helps them hone in on targets, allowing them to reroll a die while attacking. At the same time, they can more easily dodge enemy attacks by forcing their opponent to reroll a die of their choice after dice modifications have been made.

Jedi Masters bring even more skill and precision to the Delta-7, lending the squadrons they lead unique abilities. Master Luminara Unduli, for instance, does even more to support the non-unique squadrons she leads into battle. Her squadron may lack the Dodge keyword, but it gains defense tokens and the chance to obstruct the attacks of enemy squadrons at distance 1 against non-unique friendly squadrons. Similarly, Plo Koon gives non-unique friendly squadrons at distance 1 without Counter a better chance to return fire while also increasing the offensive capabilities of his own squadron’s ships.

Rather than protect friendly squadrons, other Jedi focus on honing their own abilities while augmenting the offense of their fellow pilots. Evan a padawan like Ahsoka Tano can contribute by both giving another friendly squadron at distance 1 the chance to attack an enemy squadron after she moves and with her own Grit that allows her to move while she is engaged by only one squadron. Kit Fisto takes this even further, using his Intel to grant friendly squadrons at distance 1 Grit. Beyond this, Fisto is just as Adept a Force user as Plo Koon and has plenty of ways to reduce the damage his squadron takes, including discarding a defense token to reduce the total damage by three.

With Jedi leading the way and taking on enemy fighters, the Republic’s clone pilots are free to focus on other targets. Those that fly the lumbering ARC-170 Starfighter  can use the ship’s firepower and durability to inflict massive damage on capital ships while weathering the blistering return fire from these vessels. With the ability to reroll up to two dice after moving, “Odd Ball” is particularly effective at leading such attack runs.

Alternatively, BTL-B Y-wing squadrons can close in on a target a bit faster while still delivering a hefty punch. While commonly flown by clones, Jedi General Anakin Skywalker led the famed Shadow Squadron into battle in a BTL-B Y-wing on several occasions and he brings all the skills of a Jedi to the ship. In addition to enhancing his squadron’s attacks, he can also spend a defense token to completely ignore engagement and blow past enemy squadrons en route to a larger target.

Finally, both the ARC-170 and BTL-B Y-wing will need escorts to be the most effective and the V-19 Torrent is a cheaper alternative to the Jedi and their Delta-7 Aethersprites. This expansion supplements your fleets with two additional V-19 squadrons beyond what you find in the Galactic Republic Fleet Starter while also bringing you a new elite pilot in the form of “Kickback.” This dedicated clone pushes his squadron forward after performing an attack helping them pave the way for other squadrons.

Rally the Republic

A well organized starfighter assault can strike a decisive blow in the epic space battles of the Clone Wars. Gather the best Jedi and clone pilots the Republic has to offer and facedown the Separatist Alliance with the Republic Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack!

The Clone Wars come to Star Wars: Armada on December 4. Pre-order your copies of the Galactic Republic expansions at your local retailer or online through our website—with free shipping in the continental United States—today! 

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