The Yogo Curse, Part 1

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At the circle’s center—barely visible through the thick incense smoke but for the orange glow of flickering candles— lay the unsheathed, cursed blade. It was Kunshu, the ancestral sword of the Hantei dynasty. What was once a symbol of loyalty had been twisted into an icon of treachery.
–Josiah “Duke” Harrist and Katrina Ostrander, “The Yogo Curse, Part 1”

The Scorpion’s Castle of Learning may be a prison for poor souls and accursed artifacts, but tonight, it is the center of a shadowy ceremony, led by Yogo Junzo and centered on Kunshu, the cursed sword of the Hantei dynasty. What will transpire this night, and what choices will Yogo Junzo be forced to make?

The story of the Temptations cycle continues with "The Yogo Curse, Part 1" (3 MB), a new piece of Legend of the Five Rings fiction by Josiah “Duke” Harrist and Katrina Ostrander. This story is a continuation of events set in motion by the Legend of the Five Rings community: both the Scorpion Clan taking custody of Kunshu after the Kunshu Kotei season, and a dangerous oni escaping a confrontation at the mysterious Shinomen estate after the 2019 Gen Con Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying scenario.

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