1 October 2020 | Star Wars: Legion

Built for Battle

Assemble Your Star Wars™: Legion Miniatures with Our Assembly Guides

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Star Wars™: Legion transports you to the ground battles of a galaxy far, far away, inviting you assemble and paint your own army of iconic troopers, vehicles, and characters. Now, building your miniatures just got a little easier. We’re happy to announce a new assembly guide is available on our website.

The assembly guide for the Republic AT-RT Unit Expansion–found in the Painting & Assembly Guides section of our Star Wars: Legion product page–guides you through assembling your own AT-RT in service of the Galactic Republic, including sections for all the different assembly options. This diagram joins our tips for assembling all of the units in the Clone Wars Core Set and will be joined by others as new units are released.

In addition to these diagrams, check out our Star Wars: Legion product page for rules, organized play resources, painting guides, and more!

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