3 January 2020 | KeyForge

Cracking the Vault Tour

Get the Scoop on the KeyForge Vault Tour


“We found it while searching through the Kurnois Bog for a superior duck.”
   –Dr. Escotera

With Worlds Collide, the new KeyForge set featuring the intrepid Star Alliance and the mighty Saurian Republic, players all around the globe are discovering new and unique decks filled with powerful abilities, crazy creatures, and wild synergies! There has never been a more exciting time to jump into KeyForge! The world of the Crucible is all yours to explore, and through the power of your Archon, its treasured hidden vaults are yours to take.

Though, what good is all of this untapped power without a proper arena to unleash everything that your Archon is capable of? That's where the KeyForge Vault Tour comes in. 

At these exciting events, you can test out your best decks in a fun, competitive environment as you meet other KeyForge fans and earn awesome unique rewards. Read on to learn more about what the Vault Tour is or, for experienced Archons, feel free to skip ahead to check out the spread of prizes that are currently available at the KeyForge Vault Tour!

What Is the Vault Tour?

The Vault Tour is a series of ongoing, global KeyForge tournaments that offer prizes unlike anything you'll find anywhere else. Vault Tour tournaments are open to everyone, and some may even be run as Sealed events so that new players and veterans are on more equal footing. Throughout the weekend, you can experience the thrill of competition and the fun of unique side events while you learn new tips and tricks from the world's greatest players as they elevate their Archon Decks to whole new levels!

While you're not reaping Æmber, forging keys, and unlocking vaults, you may redeem Æmbershards from your Master Vault account for any of the KeyForge prizes from the Vault Tour Prize Wall, where you will find a wide variety of fantastic prizes that are unique to each event. Not to mention that the winner of each Vault Tour will be given free flight and lodging for a later Vault Tour event! For more information, head over to the KeyForge Vault Tour page, where you can learn more about these events and find out where and when the next Vault Tours are taking place.

Like everything in the Crucible, the KeyForge Vault Tour prizes are profoundly diverse, constantly evolving, and in some cases, unique to each event. Now, check out the current prizes below! 

Vault Tour Prizes

At a Vault Tour, you will find a Prize Wall stuffed with rewards that can be used to enhance your KeyForge gaming experience. With your gathered Æmbershards, you can grab a number of these awesome prizes for yourself, like one of the many playmats featuring characters from the Crucible, including officers from the Star Alliance and warriors from the Saurian Republic. Also available on the Prize Wall are premium metal keys, house cards, game tokens, and a wide array of card sleeves and deckboxes. With prizes like these, you can outfit your favorite Archon Deck properly and give it the play area it deserves!

For those who are still feeling festive or those who are simply trying to stay warm this winter, these holiday-themed KeyForge prizes previewed below are available! Among these Prize Wall offerings are a number of wintry apparel items like sweaters, scarves, socks, and hats. We also have playmats and card sleeves to match your KeyForge winter attire! Don't miss out on these limited items, grab these cozy goodies while you still can!

If you're looking for more standard KeyForge apparel and gear, don't worry, we have you covered! At the Vault Tour Prize Wall you can find baseball caps, beanies, hoodies, t-shirts, and messenger bags. We also have a limited quantity of Bräkken gear still available, like the baseball cap, t-shirt, lanyard, and guitar picks.

Last, but certainly not least, are the adorable Fuzzy Gruen plushies! These critters of the Crucible that are certain to bring smiles to anyone around, as long as they are able to keep their distance from those pesky Snufflegators!

The Vault Is Open

The next KeyForge Vault Tour is taking place at the Albany Capital Center in Albany, New York. We also just added several other events to the Vault Tour page, including events at popular gaming conventions like AdeptiCon, Origins Game Fair, and Gen Con! Find a Vault Tour near you and join in on the action so you can claim some of these awesome prizes! Stay tuned as we continue to add more Vault Tour events as we begin another exciting year of the world's only Unique Deck Game, KeyForge!

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