12 September 2019 | Legend of the Five Rings LCG

Seekers of Wisdom

Announcing a New Clan Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game


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Many know of the Dragon Clan, but few can say they understand it. A clan of individualists in an Empire of tradition, Dragon samurai are notorious for remaining aloof in their mountaintop monasteries and remote keeps where they pursue self-improvement. Yet, despite their often-bizarre customs, the wisdom of the ise zumi, the prowess of the niten masters, and the insight of the Kitsuki and Agasha cannot be denied.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Seekers of Wisdom, a Dragon Clan Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Seekers of Wisdom contains 78 cards (3 copies each of 25 different cards and 1 copy each of 3 different cards), designed to both increase the options of the Dragon Clan and counter their powerful strategies. In this pack, look for a new stronghold that synergizes with the Dragon Clan’s various MonksDuelists who find themselves outnumbered but not outmatched, and perceptive investigators who always know what to expect next.

Furthermore, if you pre-order Seekers of Wisdom from the Fantasy Flight Games website, not only will you get free shipping within the continental United States, you’ll also receive five double-sided province backers. These province backers sit behind your province in the same sleeve to show off beautiful art by Amèlie Hutt and Polar Engine while the card is facedown!

Tattooed Warriors

Warriors who have mastered both martial arts and living tattoos, few in Rokugan can compete with the  efficiency of a Dragon Clan Monk. The Austere Exemplar (Seekers of Wisdom, 6) is a Monk who bends the very rules of existence, letting the forces of the Dragon Clan take back-to-back actions uninterrupted by their opponent. With the Monk trait, the Austere Exemplar can take full advantage of some of the Dragon Clan’s Tattoo-focused attachments.These attachments provide additional benefits if they are applied by Togashi Gaijutsu (Seekers of Wisdom, 7), a master tattoo artist. Having a tattoo carved by this master artist is an honor for any Monk, and gives them the strength to participate in multiple conflicts during a turn.

Some Dragon Monks have reached a stage of enlightenment so profound, their tattoos can take on a life of their own. Togashi Hoshi (Seekers of Wisdom, 11) is one of the most powerful Monks of the mountain, and brings a new perspective to the Dragon Clan. Hoshi can separate his tattoos from his body and make them separate characters. In the case of a tattoo like Togashi Kazue  (Core Set, 150), she simply enters the field in the form of her character. Tattoos that are not normally characters enter the field with military and political skill equal to their modifiers. This is an extreme amount of versatility, allowing you to split your attachments and characters like never before.

Seekers of Wisdom also contains multiple new tattoos for use with your Dragon Clan samurai. Vine Tattoo (Seekers of Wisdom, 20) provides a new level of protection for your characters, concealing them from higher cost characters who miss the trees for the forest. This can shield your samurai from the nasty effects of Bayushi Aramoro (Underhand of the Emperor, 8) or a harpoon from a Doji Challenger (Core Set, 47)

Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Yokuni (Core Set, 65) is unique among the samurai of Rokugan, allowing you to get extra utility out of an ability on another character. Now, the powerful Dragon Tattoo (Seekers of Wisdom, 23 ) allows you to double the efficiency of your events as well. Inscribing the Dragon Tattoo on a Monk can make their deadly Kihō twice as dangerous. Cards like Hurricane Punch (Breath of the Kami, 17) not only cost zero-fate, but targeting a Dragon-Tattooed samurai will provide four military skill and two new cards for your hand. Dragon Tattoo also increases the amount of cards you can conceivably play in a turn, which you will want to keep track of if you’re using the new Stronghold found in Seekers of Wisdom.

An Ancestral Home

On the highest mountaintops of Rokugan rests the High House of Light (Seekers of Wisdom, 1), the Dragon’s oldest monastery and home to the Clan’s tattooed warriors. The High House of Light is distinctly the home of the dragon, only offering seven influence to reinforce your deck with other clans' cards. However, often times the Dragon only need their own beliefs to succeed. The High House of Light can make your Monk’s untouchable by those who would harm them, and if you have played five or more cards during your turn, can even grant them additional fate. 

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

Of course, Seekers of Wisdom also contains counter-plays to the emerging Dragon Clan strategies. The Dragon are often placing fate on unclaimed rings, and the High House of Light shows how they can manipulate these rings to their advantage. However, they are not the only ones who can interact with fate on rings. Phoenix Clan Daimyō Asako Togama (Seekers of Wisdom, 15) harnesses ancient knowledge to switch a conflict’s ring with an unclaimed ring, gaining all fate on that ring for his clan. This limits the Dragon’s options, as any fate they put on a ring might soon be claimed by the Asako Daimyō through his wealth of knowledge. 

Wisdom Found

The path the Dragon walk is unique among the clans of Rokugan. High in the mountains, they care little about the conflicts of the Emerald Empire. But to face the might of the Dragon is to confront deadly techniques, shrewd investigation, and ancient knowledge unfamiliar to most samurai of Rokugan. Will you walk the path of the Dragon when Seekers of Wisdom releases in the fourth quarter of 2019?

Ascend the mountains of Rokugan with Seekers of Wisdom (L5C25), available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website with free shipping in the continental United States!

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