11 September 2019 | The Lord of the Rings LCG

The City of Ulfast

Announcing the Second Adventure Pack in the Vengeance of Mordor Cycle


"With hope or without hope, we will follow the trail of our enemies. And woe to them, if we prove the swifter!"
   –Aragorn, The Two Towers

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You thought your adventures in Dorwinion had come to an end. The future seemed bright after you drove the shadow of Mordor back and rescued the captives from the Temple of Sauron. But Mordor did not let such a defeat go unpunished for long. With threats of vengeance fresh on his lips, Thane Ulchor struck Dorwinion with an army of Easterlings in a devastating sneak attack. Now, he has fled to the East, just as quickly as he arrived. If you seek justice for those slain in Dorwinion, you must track him to the ends of Middle-earth.

Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce The City of Ulfast, the second Adventure Pack in the Vengeance of Mordor cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game! This 60 card pack contains an entirely new scenario for players to continue the adventures they started in the A Shadow in the East deluxe expansion and the Wrath and Ruin  Adventure Pack as well as new cards to help players deal with these challenges. 

Additionally, those who pre-order The City of Ulfast will not only get free shipping within the continental United States, they'll also receive three beautiful full-art cards featuring Lothíriel, Angbor the Fearless, and the Host of Galadhrim. Read on for more information on your adventures in The City of Ulfast!


Blending In

After the chaos he caused in Dorwinion, you have tracked Thane Ulchor out of the city and along the southern shore of the Sea of Rhûn. Rather than seeking refuge in Mordor, however, Ulchor has chosen to ride east into the city of Ulfast. But knowing your quarry's location is only the beginning of your troubles. Ulfast is a large city, and Ulchor undoubtedly has the King's support. Instead of risking an open attack, you must Try to Blend In  (City of Ulfast, 51), covertly searching for Ulchor while learning everything you can about his movements since his attack on Dorwinion.

Unlike your all-out battle with Ulchor and his army in Wrath and Ruin, this Adventure Pack sees you taking a decidedly different approach. But you must be careful—Ulfast is a city of Easterlings, and they do not take kindly to intruders. You must conduct your search under the watchful eye of Ulfast's  City Guard  (The City of Ulfast, 37), who tirelessly patrol the streets in search of any who disturb the peace. Although the City Guard won't engage you right away, the longer your search lasts, the more likely you'll draw their attention. At the end of each round, a resource is placed on the main quest card and the City Guard's engagement cost is reduced for every resource here, forcing you to conduct your search as quickly as possible.

With the guards scrutinizing your every move, you must press your advantage whenever you can if you hope to find any trace of Ulchor. A  Crowded Market  (The City of Ulfast, 43), for example, could provide adequate cover for your clandestine actions, significantly raising the City Guard's engagement cost while it is the active location. But you won't find too many friendly faces in the crowd. Another enemy is adding to the staging area when you travel to the market and the guards are ever vigilant. Constantly  Patrolling the Streets  (The City of Ulfast, 47), their watchful gaze can prevent you from making progress in your quest.

Strength of Arms

Such a dangerous mission in a hostile city requires a party of adventurers uniquely suited to the task and The City of Ulfast provides two distinct ways for you to prepare for this challenge. If you prefer to have a large party of allies, a hero like  Lothíriel  (The City of Ulfast, 27) can help you make the most of them. In addition to a high willpower of her own, this Gondor hero can further aid your search by putting an ally in your hand that shares a Trait with her into play committed to the quest. If she summons a  Knight of Belfalas  (The City of Ulfast, 34), you can even bring another Gondor ally from your discard pile to your hand, ensuring Lothíriel can continue to use your allies to make progress in your quest!

Although your ultimate goal is to avoid the attention of the City Guard, you cannot escape their watchful gaze forever. During these times, a Warrior like  Angbor the Fearless  (The City of Ulfast, 28) becomes particularly useful, both mustering extra strength to fight off enemies and contributing to the quest. Similarly, having a  Woodland Sentry  (The City of Ulfast, 30) by your side can be an effective way of managing the enemies and locations you face as you push torward your objective. In fact, with the  Host of Galadhrim  (The City of Ulfast, 36) in your company, these Silvan allies become doubly effective, using their "enters play" abilities again. 

Such a large group of adventurers is bound to draw the attention of Ulfast's steadfast guards, and some who enter the city may want to rely on their own skills rather than those of others. A lean hunting party of three is all it takes to hunt down Thane Ulchor, and the new Contract  Forth, the Three Hunters  (The City of Ulfast, 49) completely reshapes how you approach the challenges of The City of Ulfast. Although the contract prevents you from including any allies in your deck, it does allow each of your heroes to carry an additional restricted attachment, letting them prepare for the challenges that await while armed with a  War Axe  (The City of Ulfast, 32) or a Keen Longbow  (The City of Ulfast, 31). Once they're fully equipped,  (The City of Ulfast, 49) your heroes are ready to take on the rigors of any quest, gaining more willpower for every restricted attachment they carry and the ability to heal damage.

Mean Streets

You cannot let Thane Ulchor escape. While you have strength left, you will follow his trail and bring him to justice. Enter The City of Ulfast and end this threat before it spreads farther into Middle-earth!

Pre-order your copy of The City of Ulfast (MEC79) at your local retailer today or online through our website here! This Adventure Pack will arrive at retailers in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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