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Preview the BTL-B Y-Wing Expansion Pack for Star Wars: X-Wing


"Shadow Squadron, tighten formation."
   —Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

In the face of swarms of Separatist droid fighters, Galactic Republic pilots cannot rely on laser cannons alone. They need a ship that can both strike multiple targets at once and handle the withering fire those ships produce. For Jedi and clone trooper alike, that ship is often the BTL-B Y-Wing. Built with durability and customizability in mind, the BTL-B can deliver powerful payloads or provide covering fire for other ships, making it a versatile addition to any Galactic Republic squadron. 

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In addition to its plated hull, the BTL-B Y-Wing also features a bubble turret that allows teams of pilots and gunners—such as those from the Republic's famed Shadow Squadron—to launch strikes into the heart of enemy formations. Soon, you can harness the power of one of these fighters with the BTL-B Y-Wing Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: X-Wing!

This expansion contains a beautifully sculpted, pre-painted BTL-B Y-Wing miniature along with eight ship cards featuring pilots of all skill levels. In addition to these pilots, this expansion provides 10 upgrade cards that let you customize your BTL-B with bombs, turrets, gunners, and more.

Join us today as we take a closer look at the BTL-B Y-Wing Expansion Pack!

Deadly Combinations

Long before the BTL-A4 Y-Wing became a workhorse of Rebel Alliance starfighter squadrons, the Galactic Republic employed the BTL-B to fight the Separatist threat in the Clone Wars. Despite sharing the same namesake, several key differences distinguish these ships from another, beginning with the BTL-B's plated hull. Where Rebel engineers valued the extra speed and maneuverability that came with stripping away the Y-Wing's layers of armor, the Republic version trades this speed for a thick hide that makes it highly resiliant to critical damage.

This lack of maneuverability may leave BTL-B pilots with few options for managing stress, but many of them have skills that allow them to overcome and even thrive under these conditions. A skilled Jedi like  Anakin Skywalker,  for example, flies the BTL-B Y-Wing with the same finesse that he brings to the Delta-7 Aethersprite, removing stress tokens after carefully positioning his ship. While this may be a bit more difficult for Skywalker to accomplish in the lumbering Y-Wing, he can always draw upon the power of the Force, using his  Precognitive Reflexes  to reposition before executing his manuever. Alternatively, the Force can grant Skywalker the  Foresight  to predict the enemy's position and launch a quick attack against them.

Not all Republic pilots are fortunate enough to have a connection to the Force, though, and the Clone Troopers who take the controls of the BTL-B Y-Wing take their own approach to managing the ship. A member of the acclaimed Shadow Squadron,  "Matchstick"  thrives on the pressures of combat. Not only does he welcome becoming locked by another ship or ionized, he can also enhance his own attacks by performing red maneuvers or actions, something that becomes even easier if he has  C1-10P  in the BTL-B's astromech slot. Once "Matchstick" lights the fuse, though, he must be careful. Relying on C1-10P too much causes him to become  erratic  and could lead to him jamming friendly ships.

Despite this apparent drawback, C1-10P also makes a good partner for a pilot like  "Odd Ball,"  who can use the feisty astromech to both acquire a lock on a ship and perform an evade action, all after executing a red maneuver. But the astromech slot isn't the only feature of the BTL-B Y-Wing that allows powerful pairings of characters. The ship also has a gunner seat that can lend the pilot even more options in the middle of a dogfight. With  Ahsoka Tano  manning this bubble turret, she can help other ships in the squadron maintain their focus. When paired with her her Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker, though, there are even greater benefits, with the two combining their Force abilities to give the ship even more potential.

With C-3PO aboard his BTL-B Y-Wing, R2-D2 gains an additional calculate token after performing the calculate action. Then, the Nantex-class Starfighter is in his rear arc at the start of the Engagement Phase, so he gains another calculate token!

This seat is typically reserved for a gunner like Tano who can fire an  Ion Cannon Turret,  but the BTL-B Y-Wing Expansion Pack also invites you to explore other possibilites, including uniting one of the most iconic duos in the Star Wars saga. Rather than simply aid a pilot with navigation, the plucky astromech  R2-D2  can take control of a BTL-B Y-Wing himself. What's more, he can bring  C-3PO  on board his ship as a crew member, making it possible for them to generate three calculate tokens over the course of a round. Not only do these tokens give R2-D2 and C-3PO great power to modify their dice, the pair can also reroll a defense die so long as they hang on to one of them. 

Those who would like to take a more traditional approach, however, can always use the BTL-B Y-Wing for one of its intended purposes: as a bomber. In addition to being able to carry Bombs like  Proton Bombs  or an  Electro-Proton Bomb,  pilots such as  "Goji"  give friendly ships a defensive bonus when flying near these devices. Getting this close to a device can be a dangerous prospect, of course, but it can also become a major part of your strategy if you're using  Delayed Fuses.  

However powerful they may be, deploying these devices can bring a ship dangerously close to the enemy. These situations make a turret even more valuable, and a pilot like  "Broadside"  excels at covering multiple angles as he swoops in and delivers his payload. Sometimes, though, your strategy may hinge on a large squadron of BTL-B Y-Wings performing bombing runs. In those instances, the veteran pilots of  Shadow Squadron  or  Red Squadron  can fit your needs.

Pack a Punch

Whether flown by battle-hardened Clone Troopers or a powerful Jedi Knight like Anakin Skywalker, the BTL-B Y-Wing can bring the fight to the Separatist Alliance. Add one to your squadron and strike the blow that ends the Clone Wars!

The BTL-B Y-Wing Expansion Pack (SWZ48) is releasing alongside the rest of Wave V on September 13th! Pre-order your copy at your local retailer or through our website—with free shipping in the continental United States—today! 

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