20 August 2019 | Star Wars: Armada

Take Command of the Fleet

Previewing Task Force Commanders in Rebellion in the Rim

"You need an incredibly fast ship, and a brilliant pilot."
"We've got the pilot."

   —Dryden Vos and Han Solo, Solo: A Star Wars Story

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Across the galaxy, The Galactic Civil War continues to throw local systems into chaos, nowhere more fiercely than the Mid and Outer Rim. As both the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance struggle to gather the resources and allies that will tip the scales of power to their favor, now is the time for newly promoted commanders to make a name for themselves. 

As these commanders lead their fleets to these vital systems, they gain ever-more experience and power as tensions in the Rim grow to a boiling point. Will the Rebellion be crushed under the fist of the Empire, or will the spark of hope spread throughout the galaxy to burn down the Empire and herald in a new age?

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to a closer look at the task force commanders who will lead your campaigns in Rebellion in the Rim, the second campaign expansion for Star Wars™: Armada—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping within the continental United States!

The Galaxy In Your Hands

The campaign of Rebellion in the Rim is an escalating struggle for supremacy as the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire fleets clash in the remote regions of the galaxy. Two players can go head-to-head, or four to six players can work as two competing teams. Each player commands a single fleet and gains new abilities as their ships do battle, but your ability to work together will ultimately determine whether your fleet ultimately succeeds or fails.

Unlike your usual game of Armada, campaign battles may contain fleets of unequal power, and they can range in size, consisting of skirmishes between small fleets—also called task forces—or encounters that include large team fleets. Players who have fought their way through The Corellian Conflict may be familiar with campaign play (which you can preview here) where you must attempt to gain campaign points over the course of several acts by participating in battles that can have permanent effects. In addition to earning campaign points, players also gain experience from these battles and earn rewards to upgrade their task forces’ capabilities. But unlike The Corellian Conflict, your fleet is not the only thing to evolve in Rebellion in the Rim


This campaign expansion introduces a brand-new element of gameplay with task force commanders. These commanders replace commander upgrade cards attached to your fleet’s flagship, instead allowing you to build your own unique character and have them evolve throughout the course of your campaign. This gives you the chance to become more immersed in your games than ever before, watching your chosen leader learn and develop until they can stand amongst the most prestigious starship commanders in the galaxy. If you can help your commander succeed in their battles in the Rim, you may be able to solidify their position in the fleet, set them on the course for further promotion through the ranks, and ultimately seal their place in the annals of history.

Evolving With the Battle

The Rim may be a lawless backwater compared to the glittering Core Worlds, but it is the largest region of the known galaxy and the perfect place for an aspiring commander to make their mark. At the beginning of your adventure in Rebellion in the Rim, you create your task force commander by choosing a tier-1 ability and then developing their skills as they gain more experience over the course of the campaign. The commander’s ability is written on their fleet roster which also records the name you have chosen for them. Through this roster, you can watch your commanders grow from novices to full masters in their fields. For example, if your commander devotes their studies to squadron tactics, they may begin the campaign specializing as a Master Coordinator or practicing Rapid Deployment. 

Some abilities, like Master Coordinator, are ranked, linked by an arrow to higher-tier abilities with the same name. A commander must have the lower-tier version of a ranked ability to purchase the next rank of that ability and replace their lower-tier version. Meanwhile others, like Rapid Deployment, simply offer their advantage without the possibility of growth. But you can always choose to replace one ability with another, provided you have the experience to purchase your new ability. You are not strictly bound by choices you make before the battle begins. A true commander is able to change course depending on the needs of their fleet.

Your commanders become more effective leaders in their specialized areas by spending experience from battles to either gain new abilities or replace current ones. Task force commanders that participated in the battle gain experience regardless of whether they win or lose. Defeat is often the best teacher, after all. But depending on the difference in score or total fleet value between the winner and the loser, commanders can gain additional experience. At the end of a battle, the winning team subtracts the losing team’s score from their score. For every 75 points difference, each commander from the winning team gains one additional experience. If one team’s total fleet point value is greater than the other, then the team with fewer total fleet points subtracts their fleet value from their opponent. For each full 25 points difference, the team with a lower fleet point value gains one additional experience. These points are precious, and you must spend them wisely. If you cannot adjust your course to the tide of your battles, doom is sure to await.

Once your commander is ready to embark on their mission, you must plan your advance across the Rim carefully and choose your missions well to gain the experience that will hone the skill of your fleet’s crews and sharpen your commander. Learn to work with your fellow commanders to not only divide and conquer, but also join forces against the enemy when necessary. Remember that initial setbacks may lead to later opportunities, and you must be at your best when the pivotal battle for the Rim begins!

Prepare for Hyperspace

The galaxy has fallen into chaos and the outcome of the entire Galactic Civil War may be determined by your actions in the Mid and Outer Rim. The eyes of your allies turn to you for leadership and hope—are you ready to take on this mission?

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