The Witches of Dathomir

Preview Dathomirians and Nightsisters in Collapse of the Republic

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The Clone Wars have spread to the farthest corners of the galaxy. Planets that have traditionally kept to themselves are being drawn into this galactic conflict. As it grows, some leaders see opportunity, and on the mysterious planet of Dathomir, a new power rises.  

Join us today as we preview Dathomirians and Nightsisters in Collapse of the Republic, an era sourcebook for Star Wars™ Roleplaying compatible with Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny!

Collapse of the Republic focuses on the latter half of the Clone Wars, featuring new player and Game Master options themed around this era, including new species, specializations, and equipment that allow you to play the role of a deadly Nightsister of Dathomir.

An Isolated Planet

Although humans and Zabrak have been born, lived, and died on Dathomir, the truly unique Dathomirians are near-humans who practice a strange blend of magicks and alchemy—those who make up the clans known as the Nightsisters. Generations of genetic drift and exposure to the planet’s power from the dark side of the Force have created a distinct people and culture focused on self-determination, strength, and discipline. Other species consider the Dathomirians selfish, dangerous, and cruel. If the Dathomirians cared about the opinions of others, they would agree.

Dathomirians in general want to be left alone, but the Clone Wars, the meddling of the Sith, and the prying of Jedi all threaten to expose their planet and society. The Nightsisters have sent away members to collect intelligence, hone their skills against the vast diversity of the galaxy, and even earn a few credits.

As the Nightsisters continue to grow in power and influence, they threaten to forgo their neutrality in matters regarding Sith and Jedi. Mother Talzin’s manipulations may bring Dathomir too far into the galactic limelight. Some Nightsisters chafe at the growing attention paid to their planet, their sanctuary. Others trust the leadership of Mother Talzin, pushing all Nightsisters to band under her. Some Nightsisters even talk about building their own Sith-like empire in order to control their destiny. Will your character hail from this mysterious planet? If so, what do they see as the future of their world?

Dathomirians begin with average characteristics, but their upbringing gifts them with additional ranks in coercion and survival, as well one rank in the Outdoorsman talent. This impressive ability allows players to remove a setback die from checks to move through terrain or manage environmental effects. 

Masters of Witchcraft

Of course, just being a Dathomirian is not enough to strike fear into your foes. Collapse of the Republic also introduces Force users the Nightsisters into the pool of available universal specializations.

The Nightsisters study the Force in a much different way than the Jedi or even the Sith. The unique magickal ichor on Dathomir grants power and wisdom to those strong—or cruel—enough to wield it. In general, the Nightsisters consolidate and collect power, both through alchemy and magicks as well as self-reliance and personal strength.

While the Jedi and Sith might view the Nightsisters as agents of the dark side, the Nightsisters care little about the war between the two groups. The Nightsisters know no serenity or peace like the Jedi, yet they do not give in to rage or overt passion like the Sith. Instead, they freely cross the line between light and dark, embroiled in and thriving in conflict.

The Nightsister Talent Tree reflects their ability to wield the Force via witchcraft, and also their alchemical talents, giving players a whole new way to approach combat. For example, the Ichor Blade talent allows you to customize a melee or brawl weapon with the Pierce 2 and Cortosis qualities making even a simple blade a dangerous weapon. 

Alchemical Power

Of course, the Nightsisters couldn’t thrive in conflict without weapons of battle, and Collapse of the Republic introduces new equipment that the Nightsisters can use to enact their will.

One of the most iconic Nightsister weapons is the Energy Bow, while some may view this ancient weapon as archaic, those who wield the bow understand its true power.

Developed by and for the Nightsisters, the energy bow seems strangely out of place in this era of blaster rifles and repeaters. As exotic and deadly as its wielders, this weapon uses a small plasma generator connected to a lightweight alloy bow to produce a dangerous energy bowstring. When drawn by its energy-proof grip, the bow generates a powerful solid plasma bolt that is then fired like an arrow from a traditional bow. The energy bow is silent, lethal, and able to pierce even the strongest armor. With Pierce 4, even the most armored of foes can’t stand up to the pure power of the Nightsisters' Energy Bow.

Of course, sometimes battles require a more personal touch. The mysterious Nightsisters use a number of bladed weapons, the most common of which is a deadly short sword known as a Duskblade. Carried both in battle and for ceremonial purposes, this weapon has a curved, single-edged blade similar to that of a scimitar or cutlass. The blade is broad at the tip and tapers toward the hilt, then flares out again where it meets the minimal handguard. It has a short, one-handed hilt and a guard on the outer edge below the cutting edge. Lightweight, flexible and easy to handle, these swords are lethal in the hands of a trained user.

A New Threat

Dathomir is a mysterious planet, many will never know it is home to some of the galaxy’s fiercest warriors. Though they have lived in isolation for years, the Clone Wars have brought a fight to their doorstep. Will you follow the path of the Nightsisters in your games of Star Wars Roleplaying?

Discover the planet of Dathomir in Collapse of the Republic (SWR15) For Star Wars Roleplaying, available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website with free shipping in the continental US!

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