A Champion's Foresight

Announcing the Fifth Dynasty Pack in the Inheritance Cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game


"The Dragon must move beyond our borders at last. What transpires in our mountains is a mere pebble against the avalanche that is coming.”
   –Togashi Yokuni, "The Rising Wave"

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The future is difficult to determine in the world of Rokugan. Few could predict the increasingly complicated political situation the Emerald Empire has become embroiled in. But there is one who claims to have foreseen the path of Rokugan: the enigmatic Togashi Yokuni. The Dragon Clan Champion has glimpsed the Rising Wave, the strife coming to Rokugan. But what actions has he taken? Where has he sent the Army of the Rising Wave and what do they hope to accomplish?

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce A Champion’s Foresight, the fifth Dynasty Pack in the Inheritance cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

A Champion’s Foresight continues the themes of the Inheritance cycle, lending support to the Bushi and Courtiers of Rokugan. The pack also introduces two provinces to the game and a new stronghold for the mysterious Dragon Clan.

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A Thorough Investigation

Mysteries pervade every corner of Rokugan, and few can unravel them like the Kitsuki Investigators of the Dragon Clan. Placing an emphasis on physical evidence, the Kitsuki method of investigation is known throughout the Emerald Empire—though not all hold it high regard.  Now, you can harness the power of these investigations with Shiro Kitsuki (A Champion’s Foresight, 89), the Kitsuki family’s ancient castle. After a conflict is declared, you may name a card, each time your opponent plays a card with that name during the conflict, you can claim an unclaimed ring and all fate on it.

If you have the mind of a Kitsuki, it’s possible you could extrapolate the cards your opponent is about to play during a conflict. However, if you need some extra assistance, Dragon cards in the Inheritance cycle often grant you a look at your opponent’s hand, including  Scene of the Crime (For the Empire, 2). These cards can assist in your investigation and help you to claim rings and fate that would otherwise be lost.

These claimed rings can also assist you in further investigations. Deduction (A Champion’s Foresight, 105) lets you to return a claimed ring during a political conflict to bow a character with cost three or lower. While the bushi of Rokugan fight their battles with katanas and spears, political conflicts are fought with words, and a clever deduction is just as effective as brilliant military tactics. With the help of Shiro Kitsuki, deductions can defeat your opponent before they even have a chance to defend themselves.  

With the Dragon’s ability to put extra fate on rings, Shiro Kitsuki can also prove to be a valuable fate-generating engine. You will need that extra fate, especially if you use the Army of the Rising Wave (A Champion’s Foresight, 96), a massive army that feeds the fate of the rings on the field. Not only do you receive a massive military force, you stock every ring with additional fate to be used with Dragon tricks. With six military skill, the Army of the Rising Wave can make an impact in any conflict, even if they can’t be attached with anything except Weapons

Traps and Tactics

While the Dragon can excel in conflicts through investigation and deduction, other clans can also use unique tactics to disrupt their foes. The Crab are seen as a straightforward clan with a singular vision and purpose, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t innovative and clever, especially the Kaiu family of genius inventors and engineers.

The Frontline Engineer (A Champion’s Foresight, 92 ) is a Bushi who not only provides military skill to conflict, but can quickly add holdings to provinces with his Action ability. This could quickly add defenses to your provinces, or it could allow the engineer to lay a careful trap for your opponent with a Strategic Weakpoint (A Champion’s Foresight, 93). This holding ensures that even if your province falls, you will take one of its attackers down with you. While your opponent may be able to play around the card, its sudden appearance thanks to the efforts of a brave Frontline Engineer may target your opponent when they least expect it.

The other Great Clans also harness unique Tactics to ensure victory during conflicts. Notably, the Unicorn’s mobility affords them special advantages in combat. Outflank  (A Champion's Foresight, 180) can completely negate a non-unique character from participating in a conflict, as the Unicorn forces overwhelm their foes from all angles and prevent their targets from defending their provinces.

The Scorpion take a different approach to their battlefield Tactics. Forgoing their own personal honor in the name of duty, Scorpion Bushi achieve victory By Any Means (A Champion’s Foresight, 108). If your honor bid is higher than your opponent, this event lets you set the base military skill of one of your Bushi to match the skill of a rival. This can turn a simple Insolent Rival (Underhand of the Emperor, 6) into a deadly warrior or an Adept of Shadows (Core Set, 180) into a serious threat. Regardless of the target, By Any Means turns an opponent’s power into your own, a specialty of Rokugan’s most deceptive clan.

The Rising Wave

Deep in the mountains of Rokugan, Togashi Yokuni has a plan. What is the purpose of the Dragon army marching across the land, and what does it mean for the future of the Emerald Empire? Unravel these secrets and more when A Champion's Foresight releases in the third quarter of 2019!

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