The Temple of Doom

A Scenario Preview of A Shadow in the East for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game


“Nothing can hide from them.”
   –Gollum, The Two Towers

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Something is not right in Dorwinion. People are missing, leaving entire vineyards in this verdant part of Middle-earth untended. Called to investigate these abductions in A Shadow in the East, you are quickly drawn into a sinister mystery that could trace its origins to Mordor itself. After being beset by raiders on the River Running and uncovering evidence of a shadowy cult in Dorwinion’s capital, your search for the missing now leads you to the Hills of Rhûn and the shattered remains of an ancient temple. No matter what horrors it contains, you must press onward or the missing Dorwinions' lives will be forfeit.

Join us today as we take a closer look at “The Temple of Doom,” the third scenario in the A Shadow in the East deluxe expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game!

The Land of Shadow

During the dark years of Middle-earth, temples were built across the land as a monument to the dark power of Sauron. Even after his defeat at the hands of the Last Alliance of Elves and Men, Sauron’s minions would meet in secret to worship their Dark Lord and offer up sacrifices to hasten the day of his wrath. Now, the entrance to one of these temples stands before you like the gaping maw of a ravenous beast, and the jagged pillars that flank either side leave no doubt: dark machinations are unfolding within.

But only fools would mount a brazen assault on such an evil place without taking a moment to ready themselves. The journey that took you deep into the Hills of Rhûn and to the temple’s doorstep was a difficult one, and upon reaching The Forgotten Temple (A Shadow in the East, 80), “The Temple of Doom” gives you a chance to collect yourself and prepare for the horrors you will confront within. This is the perfect opportunity to rally your allies or equip any attachments that will aid you against what awaits.

But you cannot linger here for long. The fate of the kidnapped Dorwinions rests in your hands and you must muster your courage and enter the temple. Once inside, the evils of this place soon become apparent across four Stage 2 quest cards. All about you are the cruel trappings of Mordor: bones and debris litter the floor while rows of iron-barred cells line both sides of a dark dungeon. To make matters worse, the temple is a maze of Twisted Tunnels (A Shadow in the East, 61) leading from one Hall of Horrors (A Shadow in the East, 56) to another.

While you explore these halls, many of the Easterlings that plagued your journey along the River Running are also present as you desperately search these halls for any sign of the captives. Powerful on their own, a Warrior of Rhûn (A Shadow in the East, 21) enhances their prodigious strength by pulling the top Easterling treachery card from the discard pile. In this way, these warriors can arm themselves with a deadly  Sword of Rhûn (A Shadow in the East, 22) for an even more powerful strike or use a Recurve Bow (A Shadow in the East, 23) to pelt your party with arrows at the beginning of each combat phase. No matter what enemies cross your path, you must be careful not to become Lost in the Dark (A Shadow in the East, 65), lest you lose track of your valuable weapons, items, or other cards.

The Power of Mordor

As intimidating as the Easterlings may be, greater forces are at work within this temple. A blood-stained altar to the Dark Lord and a hideous statue of Sauron seated upon an iron throne are all the evidence you need to know that the power of Mordor itself is arrayed against you. Rather than just pit you against the standard encounter deck, then, “The Temple of Doom” sees you stand against a separate Power of Mordor deck.

Representing Sauron’s expanding influence over Middle-earth, this deck is set aside at the beginning of the scenario and—as the servants of Sauron gather power—you’ll be forced to contend with the monumental challenges it contains. For example, Sauron could dispatch a powerful Nazgûl like Khamûl the Easterling (A Shadow in the East, 66) to deal with you. Or you could draw the attention of The Tower of Barad-dûr (A Shadow in the East, 67) itself, lowering each player’s threat elimination level and putting your entire quest on the edge of a knife.

Deep within “The Temple of Doom,” success is far from guaranteed. If you do manage to find and free the captives, your adventures in Dorwinion are only beginning. A Shadow in the East is but the first part of the Vengeance of Mordor cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, which will surely draw you closer to the power that lurks in Mordor. How far must you go to protect Dorwinion from the watchful gaze of Mordor?

Fight the Darkness

Your journeys in Dorwinion have all led to this. Enter the temple, cleanse it of the evils that lurk there, and free the captive Dorwinions in A Shadow in the East!  

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