31 May 2019 | Star Wars: Destiny

Uncover the Conspiracy

Preview the Prequel Era in Spark of Hope

“Execute Order 66.”
–Darth Sidious, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

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In the last days of the Republic a conspiracy took hold and changed the very makeup of the Star Wars galaxy. Where once there was freedom and prosperity, the Empire reigns. Where once the Jedi stood as protectors of peace and justice, they now exist as rumor and legend. What future awaits this new galaxy, and how did things come to this?

Join us today as we preview the prequel era in Spark of Hope, a new set of boosters featuring 160 new cards for Star Wars: Destiny!

Spark of Hope continues to expand on the themes of Convergence and introduces a new plot representing Emperor Palpatine’s ploy to take complete control of the galaxy, giving you the unlimited power you need to defeat your foes.  

Last Days of the Republic

While Clone Troopers served the Republic valiantly in the Clone Wars, they were also instrumental in Darth Sidious's plot to seize the galaxy. When the time was right, Sidious activated a latent order in the Clone Troopers' control chips, turning them against their Jedi brethren and nearly eliminating them from the galaxy. This event, Order 66 (Spark of Hope, 15) granted Palpatine unlimited power, and now this scheme decades in the making finds a place in Spark of Hope.  

A two-point Blue villain plot, Order 66 gives each of your opponent’s characters the Jedi trait. While this may be seen as an advantage in the era of the Old Republic, it simply paints a target on their back in the new Galactic Empire. This is in part due to Execute Order 66 (Spark of Hope, 27), which with the Order 66 plot, can be included up to six times in your deck (two from initial deck construction, four from the plot).

Execute Order 66 provides massive mitigation with its matching plot, allowing you to remove all of your opponent’s character dice before dealing them an equal amount of damage. Consistently saving your two resources to play Execute Order 66 at just the right time can grind your opponent’s momentum to a halt, forcing them to activate and resolve their character’s dice in a careful order, lest they lose it all when they fall to the new galactic order.  

Forcing your opponent’s characters to share the Jedi subtype also opens them up to other nefarious machinations. With Order 66 in play, Chain Lightning (Spark of Hope, 125) will always affect two of your opponent’s characters, dishing out three damage at the cost of one resource. Furthermore, Rally the Troops (Spark of Hope, 28)  gains a great deal of utility. With all your enemies being Jedi, you can use this zero-cost event to simply reroll any of their character dice, offering light mitigation in addition to the event’s action efficiency.

Puppets on Strings

Clones are the most efficient army in the galaxy, perfect for winning a war or staging a coup right underneath your enemies' noses. When needed, they can Seize Territory (Spark of Hope, 129), or even make the ultimate sacrifice as Acceptable Losses (Spark of Hope, 55). But where did they come from? And who are they based on? Few know the answers to these mysteries—the most direct link died with Jango Fett (Spark of Hope, 40), the genetic basis of the clone soldiers and one of the most fearsome bounty hunters in the galaxy.

The version of Jango Fett found in Spark of Hope relies on his plentiful equipment to track his foes. With three damage sides, Jango Fett is already dangerous, if he manages to gain iconic equipment like his Gauntlet Rockets (Spark of Hope, 53), he can quickly bring his bounties in. While the Gauntlet Rockets may seem like a steep investment, Jango Fett always gets a refund on his equipment purchases, and the pure damage they can dish out is worth the price.

But Jango Fett is not the mastermind behind this Sinister Ruse (Spark of Hope, 12). Chancellor Palpatine has slowly been gaining power for years, and the Clone Wars are the perfect opportunity to ascend to new levels of power. The galaxy is his to control, a Chancellor’s Edict (Spark of Hope, 6) can change the shape of the war, and his words can bring a republic to its knees.

The New Era

The Clone Wars have raged on for years, but only a select few know of the true goals of the conflict. A puppet master has been pulling the strings of the Republic and the Separatists, Order 66 has changed the shape of the galaxy, and the spark of hope is dim. Will you adapt and thrive in the new Galactic Empire?

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