23 May 2019 | KeyForge

Trust Your Instincts

Preview House Shadows and House Untamed in Age of Ascension


“We found it while searching through the Kurnois Bog for a superior duck.”
Dr. Escotera

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In KeyForge, you step into the role of an ethereal Archon leading a diverse team in tactical battles as you seek to gain control of the hidden Vaults of the Crucible. With each Vault you claim, you become one step closer to discovering the full knowledge of the Crucible and ascending beyond this plane of existence. But the competition is fierce and only those who can unlock the full potential of their unique teams will gain victory.

In Call of the Archons, you were first introduced to this new, endlessly diverse planet hanging in the center of the universe. Now in Age of Ascension, you have the chance to explore the world further than ever before as each of the Crucible’s Houses fill their ranks with a new set of creatures, artifacts, and technology, blending 204 new cards into the pool with 166 cards from the first set. As the lore and planet itself continues to grow and change, new paths to victory continue to open before you and welcome you to journey deeper into the unexplored areas of the Crucible.

Today, we invite you to step away from the Crucible you think you know and explore the shadows and wilds that continue to expand across the planet as we preview House Shadows and House Untamed of KeyForge: Age of Ascension—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website!

Heist Night

When their guilds were first brought to the Crucible, the Svarr elves adjusted quickly to their new environment, learning to survive in the shadows by stealing resources and technology from other Houses and adjusting them to serve their needs. When members of this House join an Archon’s team, they are sure to bring a level of cunning and ingenuity to the mix that may prove invaluable in the fight to gather Æmber while also stalling their opponent’s progress.

In Age of Ascension, House Shadows gets a few new tricks up their sleeves that continue to play with the idea of Æmber manipulation. Cards like Gamgee (Age of Ascension, 270) and Furtive Investors (Age of Ascension, 269) grant you useful bonuses if your opponent has more Æmber than you, giving you the chance to regain speed if you find yourself falling behind. Some even take this one step further with actions like Dusk Chronicles (Age of Ascension, 268), which gives you a boost regardless of whether the Æmber is stacked in your favor or not. If you work alongside House Dis or Logos to hide these tools in your archives with cards like Library of the Damned (Age of Ascension, 75) or Memory Chip (Age of Ascension, 132), you can spring a grand heist on your opponent’s Æmber pool the second the tide of battle turns against you.

But there are some figures joining House Shadows in Age of Ascension who are not simply focused on stealing from the unwary. Brend the Fanatic (Age of Ascension, 284) actually allows your opponent to gain an Æmber when he is brought into play. If you can destroy him, you will also steal three Æmber, but this may prove a difficult task as he uses the skirmish keyword, preventing him from suffering damage while fighting. You may have to get a touch more creative with your plans for the fanatic if you are ever in a tough spot where you need the Æmber—perhaps you will sacrifice him to play Life for a Life (Age of Ascension, 273) and deal damage double his power to an enemy. On the Crucible, death is temporary—your victory will surely justify any sacrifice made in your name.

Heart of the Forest

Far from the shadowed alleys of the Crucible’s bustling cities, House Untamed continues to thrive and evolve beyond the reach of civilization. While they are already known for their vibrant flora and fauna, in Age of Ascension, this House finds a new host of creatures to add to their ranks, from the adorable Bumblebird (Age of Ascension, 336) to the terrifying Fanghouse (Age of Ascension, 321), as well as a new collection of witches who can use and manipulate Æmber in ways that almost appear to be magic to the uninitiated.

Among their arcane ranks are creatures unlike anything the Crucible has yet seen. For example, the new witch Dharna (Age of Ascension, 319) is also an elf, meaning that the Svarr of House Shadows are no longer the only elves to reside on the Crucible. When she joins an Archon’s team on the battlefield, her skills as a healer allow her to heal two damage from a friendly creature each time she reaps. Meanwhile, the Duskwitch (Age of Ascension, 320) uses arcane rituals to have all of your creatures enter play ready, but her attachment to the new omega keyword means that you will not be able to use this ability until your next turn. Still, this is not to say that she must be protected, as her elusive nature can help keep her out of reach of your opponent’s warriors.

But even as the members of House Untamed learn new tricks and strategies, their heart will remain wild with cards that encourage straightforward shows of raw power. Just as the Niffle Ape (Call of the Archons, 363) is able to ignore the taunt and elusive keywords while attacking, sending an enemy through the Niffle Grounds (Age of Ascension, 346) forces your enemy to lose those same keywords for the duration of the turn. This may prove invaluable if you wish to draw the schemers of House Shadows like Knuckles Bolton (Age of Ascension, 271) out of the shadows, or ignore Sanctum knights like Challe the Safeguard (Age of Ascension, 216) and destroy their protected charge. If you can use this to target key creatures like Lamindra (Age of Ascension, 272) that can bestow their keywords on others, you can remove three times the threat with one third of the work. After all, there is no stopping a creature that cannot be reasoned with. Sometimes, you just need to know when you’re niffled.

A Storm on the Horizon

The Age of Ascension is fast approaching and soon it will be time to face your opponents and claim what is yours. Are you ready to meet to the unique challenges of this new age? Trust in yourself, follow your instincts, and victory is sure to follow!

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