On the Front Lines

Preview Soldiers and Politicians in Collapse of the Republic

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While clones and droids make up the majority of the forces battling for the Republic and Separatists in the Clone Wars, these epic skirmishes engulf those from all walks of life. The Jedi have taken on the role of generals in the war, diving headfirst into conflicts across the galaxy.

Meanwhile, senators on both sides work tirelessly to bring the war to a close peacefully, and Separatist commanders fight for their beliefs with daring ploys and brilliant tactical decisions. But all of these soldiers and politicians have one thing in common: They are just pawns in a bigger game, manipulated by a puppet master using the Clone Wars to advance his own plans and agendas.

Join us today as we preview soldiers and politicians in Collapse of the Republic, an era sourcebook for Star Wars Roleplaying!

Collapse of the Republic adds new player and Game Master options for Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny, giving you the opportunity to set your campaigns of Star Wars Roleplaying during the twilight of the Republic. 

Guardians of Peace

The role of the Jedi has shifted during the course of the Clone Wars. While these leaders have become accustomed to leading small forces on diplomatic missions, their roles have been expanded. Now, these guardians of peace and justice serve as generals of the Republic and lead thousands into the epic battles of the Clone Wars. In this new role, the Jedi inspire those around them, serving not only as leaders, but beacons of hope.

The General talent tree for Jedi allows you to embrace this new role. Strengthening those around you with your Leadership skill while wielding the power of the Force. The danger of this path lies in the possibility that Jedi Generals will forget their ultimate goal: peace. Jedi Generals must remember that they serve not only the Republic, but their Jedi Code and the galaxy as a whole. They have a responsibility to protect planets and their people even as they lead armies to occupy them. The thrill of victory and the rush of adrenaline can cloud the mind of even the most dedicated of Jedi. Victory cannot be the only goal.

A Jedi cannot ignore the binding principle that connects the galaxy, especially at a time of war. While a civilian may not see any utility in silent contemplation of the Force, a Master understands that wisdom can come from anywhere and everywhere. This is the path of many veteran Jedi, and is available as a new talent tree in Collapse of the Republic.

Although the title of “Master” requires the approval of the Jedi Council, this specialization covers overall wisdom, self-reflection, and mastery of the Force. A true Jedi Master requires no formal title, as they know the Force recognizes their ability.

The Price of Politics

Despite their differing allegiances, Senators for the Republic and Separatist Alliance fulfill similar duties. The Separatist Parliament even mimics the structure of the Galactic Senate, where most members previously served. Senators on both sides have the responsibility to represent not only their homeworlds, but also their constituents and their respective governments as a whole. These responsibilities often conflict and contradict, even as these politicians face the danger of a fractured government and a relentless enemy. If you’re willing to throw yourself into the world of Politics, the Senator talent tree might be for you.

Masters of social etiquette, Senators gain bonuses to skills like Charm, Coercion, Negotiation, and Deception throughout their talent tree.

Though many Senators in both governments spend the majority of their time in their respective Senates, some prefer a hands-on approach. After all, seeing disparity, atrocity, or disenfranchisement with their own eyes can make a problem more real and make arguments more impassioned. By traveling to affected worlds, a Senator can get more work done by personally organizing locals, investigating cover-ups, and gathering evidence.

While the Jedi lead one side of the Clone Wars, up-and-coming Separatist Commanders inspire their own forces. Due to the Separatists’ hodgepodge nature, their commanders come from all walks of life. Rebels or patriots, fueled more by passion and ambition than experience, can rise in the ranks through undisciplined but daring tactical decisions.

If you feel the call of duty to the Separatist forces, Collapse of the Republic features a talent tree specifically dedicated to the Separatist Commander.

A Separatist Commander must serve multiple roles, commanding fleets, troops, and tactical squads while coordinating surgical strikes and dealing with logistics and Separatist politics. These commanders have their own take on leadership, utilizing fear and passion to gain the upper hand in any type of conflict. 

The Last Days

The Clone Wars engulf every corner of the galaxy. From the foot-soldiers fighting on the ground to the politicians of the Republic and Separatist forces, looking to end the war permanently. The Jedi's new role as Generals has left them blind to the machinations of the Dark Side and the true conspiracy at play. Do you have what it takes to navigate the end days of the Republic?

Tell your own stories in the last days of peace and freedom with Collapse of the Republic (SWR15), available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website with free shipping in the continental United States!

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