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Read New Letters from Your Clans in Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game


As the 2019 Kunshu Season Kotei Series continues, the Great Clans of Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game all face unique challenges. Each needs every advantage they can get to prove their superiority on the battlefield and in the courts. These clans now call on their loyal samurai in an hour of need. Will you stand with your clan as the very makeup of the Emerald Empire changes?

Join us this week and next for a series of letters from your Clan, detailing the state of their position in Rokugan. Each of these clan letters will give an update on the clan's performance during the 2019 Kunshu Season, some examine the fallout from choices made during the 2018 World Championship, while one introduces a unique story choice for those competing at the Grand Kotei at U.K. Games Expo on May 31st – June 2nd!

Letter from Shiba Tsukune (4.1 MB)

Shiba Tsukune will send her new advisor, the former inquisitor Asako Maezawa, to investigate the spiritual imbalance that plagues the Empire. With his background hunting down mahō, Maezawa has skills that the Kaito monks and Isawa shugenja do not. Will she send him to investigate among the lands of the Phoenix, to ensure no one within the clan is actively disrupting the kami and making the elemental imbalance worse, or will she send him to Otosan Uchi, to investigate the other clans and hunt down agents who may be creating problems for the spirits of Rokugan?

This is the choice that faces the players who reach Day 2 of the Grand Kotei at U.K. Games Expo. Each player who plays on Day 2 will get to vote on which option they want for the story choice, those votes will be tabulated, and whichever choice gets the most votes will be the result!

Letter from Kitsuki Yaruma (4.1 MB)

Letter from Hida Kisada (4.1 MB)

Letter from Kakita Yoshi  (4.1 MB)

The ancient sword Kunshu awaits the Clan who claims victory during this Kotei season. Kunshu is an ancient weapon, and gives the attached character plus two military and plus two political skill, as the wielder of the blade demands respect in all conflicts. Furthermore, the owner of Kunshu can utilize events and attachments from your opponent’s past by discarding the Imperial Favor, opening up a wide variety of options for the clan that calls Kunshu their own. Will your clan rise above the rest to claim this ancestral sword? 

Letter from Ikoma Ujiaki (4.1 MB)

Letter from Shinjo Altansarnai (4.1 MB)

Letter from Bayushi Kachiko (4.1 MB)

The world of Rokugan is yours to shape. Watch this article daily for new clan letters, and fight for your clan during this Kotei Series in Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

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