Taking Flight

Preview Death Watch and Their Weapons of War in Collapse of the Republic

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The rules of war have changed, as Jedi use their mystical abilities to traverse battlefields with ease, soldiers need all the equipment they can get to even the odds and add a new dimension to the battles of the Clone Wars.

Few know war the way Mandalorians do. Though they are now dedicated to a peaceful existence, a history of advanced combat tactics is not easily forgotten. For the first time, new era sourcebook Collapse of the Republic allows you to play the role of a Mandalorian Death Watch Warrior in Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny! Not only that, their use of jetpacks allows you to control the battlefield like never before.

Join us today as we preview the path of the Death Watch Warrior and the equipment and tools that guide them on their way in Collapse of the Republic!

An Ancient Lineage

Mandalore’s location on the border of the Outer Rim and the inner rims of the galaxy makes Mandalorian Space highly coveted and contested. Historians have debated whether this constant invasion into the Mandalorians’ space led to their ancient warrior culture, or if their prime location led them toward dreams of conquest. Regardless, Mandalore has chosen a peaceful path. The Death Watch, however, sees this as a betrayal of both their past and their future.

The Mandalorian Civil War saw the progenitors of the Death Watch exiled to the moon Concordia. The survivors reformed as the Death Watch, which wants a strong and independent Mandalore ruled by warriors, free from the machinations of the Galactic Republic but also unshackled from the Separatists’ idealistic rebellion.

A Death Watch Warrior utilizes hit and run tactics and rapid, surgical strikes. Without a true army, the Death Watch cannot hold territory, but it can disrupt, destroy, and raze strategic locations such as communication outposts, power plants, and defense systems. To assist in their lightning attacks, each warrior trains in the use of a jetpack.

The Death Watch Warrior Talent tree paints the picture of a mobile and durable warrior. The first half of the tree will see you upgrading your physical abilities as you increase your strain and wound threshold, use your physical abilities to intimidate your foes, and begin to master your jetpack, adding a whole new dimension to battles.

A character using a jetpack operates as a vehicle, which means they require some special considerations during an encounter. These characters can perform the fly/drive maneuver to move any number of personal-scale range bands and avoid most obstacles and terrain while doing so. It is more important to track the character’s location in personal scale. If a character using a jetpack does not perform any maneuvers to move, that does not mean they are staying still. They may be hovering in place, flying in a circle, or otherwise maintaining their relative distance to other characters. How the player narrates this may have additional narrative effects on the scene and relevant skill checks. 

It’s also important to remember that a character using a jetpack must perform a maneuver to accelerate or decelerate in order to take off or land safely. While these jetpacks can make you extremely mobile in a variety of situations, advanced warriors like ARC Troopers or Death Watch Warriors can truly take advantage of jetpacks with unique talents and abilities.

There are two different jetpacks featured in Collapse of the Republic, as well as a set of rocket boots that function in a similar way. While nearly anyone can equip a jetpack, mastering their use will be a challenge for any player.

Tools of the Trade

Jetpacks aren’t the only tool of the trade for Mandalorians, their fearsome weapons and iconic armor are all essential to the Death Watch lifestyle.  

Typically, skilled Mandalorian smiths custom design and build suits of armor. Each user carefully defines the armor—in keeping with traditional patterns—to sync up with their unique combat styles and preferences. In this way, the suit becomes an embodiment of the wearer’s expertise. Many of these customizations are relatively minor, such as modifying joints to better accommodate maneuvers or incorporating holsters and pockets designed for particular gear. Others are more extensive, integrating a broad range of different armor modifications. This armor holds ancient traditions, and is one of the most iconic looks in the Star Wars galaxy.

Crushgaunts, are strength-enhancing gloves designed centuries ago by the Mandalorians. They are constructed from a reactive, polymer-enhanced material reinforced by beskar plates. When worn, crushgaunts increase a wearer’s grip strength to the point that they can shatter bone, crush durasteel, destroy weapons, and perform other deadly feats of strength. Thanks to their peculiar construction and beskar reinforcement, crushgaunts can even turn a lightsaber blade.

These are just a few of the tools Mandalorians use in their battles, even more await in Collapse of the Republic!

Warriors of Tradition

Warriors of tradition, members of Death Watch are more than just bloodthirsty. They yearn for traditions of old, and will do whatever it takes to uphold the honor of Mandalore. Do you have what it takes to walk this path in the Star Wars galaxy?

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