15 May 2019 | Star Wars: Legion

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Preview the Sabine Wren Operative Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

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“Ezra, the armor I wear is five hundred years old. I reforged it to my liking, but the battles, the history, the blood all lives within it. And the same goes for every Mandalorian.”
   –Sabine Wren, Star Wars: Rebels

Art and war don’t often mix, but Sabine Wren is one of the rare exceptions. Carrying on the warrior traditions of her Mandalorian forebears, she is a formidable warrior, equally skilled in both ranged and hand-to-hand combat. At the same time, her talents as an artist are on full display while she fights, her customized Mandalorian armor setting her apart from soldiers on both sides.

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But Wren’s artistic talents extend far beyond her own armor. Her work has helped inspire thousands to take up arms against the Empire and eventually grew into a symbol for the burgeoning Rebellion itself. Soon, you can make use of all of Wren's talents on the battlefields of the Galactic Civil War with the Sabine Wren Operative Expansion for Star Wars™:Legion.

Within this expansion, you’ll find one unpainted, highly detailed Sabine Wren miniature that can be customized in several ways. Not only can you choose whether she enters battle with or without her iconic Nite Owls helmet, you can also choose the weapons she carries with her, deciding if she appears with her dual Westar-35 Blaster Pistols at the ready or wielding a single pistol and the legendary Darksaber.

Far from being mere aesthetic touches, a unit card and four upgrade cards bring these weapons to life in your games while three command cards put even more tricks up Sabine Wren’s sleeve. Join us today as we take a look at everything included in the Sabine Wren Operative Expansion!

The Finishing Touch

To Mandalorians, warfare is a way of life. Trained as a warrior from an early age, Sabine Wren enters the battlefields of the Galactic Civil War as one of the Rebellion’s most imposing assets. Not only is she a seasoned soldier who can deal damage up close and from a distance, Wren can also quickly cover large swathes of the battlefield to confront any Imperial agents looking to threaten her comrades.

Donning the armor typical of Mandalorians, Wren is the rare Rebel with superior protection from incoming blaster fire. Rather than diving for cover, Wren can count on her armor to absorb the brunt of attacks from average corps units and enemies who carry weapons capable of piercing through defenses alike. Better yet, she remains nimble enough to dodge enemy attacks even while wearing her armor, making her a particularly difficult target to eliminate.

Having such powerful armor means Sabine Wren can often be found fighting Imperials in the thick of a battle and—once there—she hits with a ferocity matched only by the most elite troops. Deftly firing her Westar-35 blaster pistols with uncanny speed, she’s able to pull off attacks against two separate units before they even have a chance to react. What’s more, her armor’s built-in jetpack gives her access to all but the highest vantage points on the battlefield, ensuring that she has the superior position on her opponents.

Whether firing her pistols or using her expertise at hand-to-hand combat, Wren does need to be close to enemy units before she can attack them. For some, this limited range may seem like a danger. For Sabine Wren, however, more opportunities present themselves the closer she gets to the enemy. Instead of attacking, for example, she could trap an enemy trooper unit with an Electro Grappling Line, slowing their escape and opening them to further attacks. That unit can still fire back, of course, but Wren can mitigate even more damage if she’s carrying a Personal Combat Shield and spends her shield token to add a block result to her defense roll.

As skilled as she may be at hand-to-hand combat, few weapons are as effective at such a close distance as The Darksaber. A weapon respected by all Mandalorians, wielding the Darksaber strengthens Wren’s resolve, helping her easily close in on her enemies and make an attack. The responsibility of carrying such an important weapon takes its toll on her, though, and must be used carefully. Fortunately, if she has sufficient Endurance, Wren can shake some of her doubts off and keep up the fight.

Most Rebel generals would be satisfied with the prowess Sabine Wren shows on the battlefield, but she has much more to contribute to your armies than her skills as a warrior. She is also an accomplished artist, weapons engineer, and a blossoming leader who can tap into all these characteristics in the heat of battle. In addition to customizing her own armor, Wren also has a propensity for leaving graffiti tags in her wake. When she paints a piece of terrain with a Symbol of Rebellion, then, it can have long-lasting effects. This symbol emboldens any friendly units within range 1–2 who can see it, allowing them to roll an extra die when they rally.

The Fleet Troopers are within range 1–2 of the graffiti token, so they roll an extra defense die when rallying!

Graffiti may help Wren win a morale victory, but it can’t stop an enemy’s advance, nor can it prevent them from acquiring an objective. If even more firepower is needed, she can always rely on the power of Explosions to accomplish her goals by adding some deadly Thermal Charges to her arsenal. When she does, she can deploy two Thermal Charges to the battlefield, then wait for the perfect moment to detonate them for maximum damage!

Finally, even if she is not wading into battle with the Darksaber, Sabine Wren carries the Legacy of Mandalore with her wherever she goes and can invoke its proud warrior traditions to inspire those around her. Not only does this improve those under her command, it gives Wren herself the opportunity to prove that she belongs amongst the greatest Mandalorians.  

Create Your Masterpiece

Whether using her pistols or a paint brush, Sabine Wren elevates battle to an art form. When deployed to the battles of Star Wars: Legion, she'll be ready to create her masterpiece.  

Look for the Sabine Wren Operative Expansion (SWL37) at your local retailer in the second quarter of 2019. Pre-order your copy at your local retailer or online through our website here

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