The Children of Heaven

Announcing the Fourth Dynasty Pack in the Inheritance Cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game


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As political upheaval disrupts the balance in Rokugan, Courtiers are needed more than ever to stand for their clan in court. While blades on the battlefield can turn the tide of the conflict, it is the courtiers and politicians of Rokugan who can use their power to enact massive changes in the Emerald Empire, and those who have the Emperor’s ear can shift the entire balance of Rokugan.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce The Children of Heaven, the fourth Dynasty Pack of the Inheritance cycle for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

The Children of Heaven continues the themes of the Inheritance cycle by focusing on the Courtiers of Rokugan, who are able to dominate political conflicts with ease. Also look for a new Crab province that becomes stronger the more times it is attacked, a new Phoenix event that allows you to overwhelm your opponent with Spells, and a Scorpion event that can dishonor multiple characters at once.

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The Web of Shadows and Lies

As the balance of power begins to shift in Rokugan, one thing is certain, the Scorpion’s Courtiers hold a tight grip on the Forbidden City, choking the life out of those who oppose them like a potent poison. Emissary of Lies (The Children of Heaven, 77) is one of these Courtiers, testing your opponent on their knowledge of the Scorpion’s tactics. During a conflict involving the Emissary of Lies, you may choose a character your opponent controls. Your opponent then must name a card, if that card is not in your hand that character is returned home. If you’re able to keep a stone face and keep your opponent guessing, the Emissary of Lies will be an effective tool to remove your opponent’s characters away from important conflicts.

Courtiers like the Emissary of Lies are the lifeblood of the Scorpion, and understanding the etiquette of the courts is essential to their success. Unspoken Etiquette  (The Children of Heaven, 86) is a two-cost event that can completely change the momentum and makeup of a political conflict, allowing you to dishonor each participating non-Courtier character in the conflict. This can completely destroy your opponent’s skill in a conflict, but like many of the Scorpion’s tricks, must be deployed at the proper time to hit your opponent where it hurts while avoiding dishonoring your own characters. Luckily, the Scorpion have an army of Courtiers well-trained in proper etiquette.

Visions of the Future

Like the Scorpion, the Dragon are a forward-thinking clan who always have a greater plan. Though his methods may be perplexing to even the wisest in Rokugan, Togashi Yokuni has a vision for the future of the Dragon, and the samurai of the mountains put their faith in these prophecies.

The Truthseeker  (The Children of Empire, 73) is a Courtier who looks to the future. After this character enters play, you may rearrange the top three cards of any deck on the field. This can be used to stack your own deck to have a favorable draw from your conflict or dynasty deck and set up your next turn. Or it can be used to get a glimpse of what your opponent is planning, knowing what fate is going to deal your foe before they can make any sort of plan. While the Truthseeker’s ability only triggers when he enters play, he can still contribute to your political conflicts with three skill and the Courtier trait.

Of course, the Dragon cut with more than just words, their feared duelists utilizing techniques that can defeat even the staunchest of foes. The Rising Stars Kata (The Children of Heaven, 83) provides an additional three military skill to a unique character, or plus five military skill if they won a duel this conflict. Though the Rising Stars Kata is limited to one use per conflict, it can turn the tide of a battle, providing a massive influx of skill your opponent may not be prepared to face. Underestimating a Dragon can lead to certain death, even the weakest of unique characters, like Togashi Yoshi  (The Children of Heaven, 72), can become an expert warrior with this Technique

Divine Decree

The most effective words in Rokugan come from those born with supreme power. Generations of divine favor have blessed the Hantei line in Rokugan, and Hantei Daisetsu (The Children of Heaven, 80) is no exception. Unlike his brother  brother (For the Empire, 13) Hantei Daisetsu takes a more subtle approach to dealing with his foes. During a political conflict, Daisetsu can simply blank a character’s text box. Any samurai of Rokugan will defer to the diving rule of the Hantei line, and Daisetsu can use this to his advantage, nullifying the most powerful abilities in Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game.

You can further limit your opponent’s options in a political conflict with Overhear (The Children of Heaven, 88), a new neutral event. This conflict card forces your opponent to put a random card from their hand on top of their conflict deck, with the ability to repeat the ability if you control a Courtier and are willing to give an honor. This not only limits your opponent’s options, but also severely hampers their next honor bid, as they must bid at least one honor to return their hand to the state it was in before you played this disruptive event.

A Contentious Court

As bushi on the battlefield continue to tear each other apart in deafening conflicts, it is the subtle silence of the courts that directs the path of Rokugan. Do you have what it takes to survive the sharpest of tongues in the Emerald Empire?

Dominate the courts of Rokugan with The Children of Heaven (L5C22) available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website with free shipping in the continental United States!

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