9 April 2019 | KeyForge

Heart of the Crucible

Announcing Nine New Playmats for KeyForge


"You look like an Archon with discriminating tastes."
   –Ronnie Wristclocks

Pre-order your own KeyForge Playmats at your local retailer or online through our website with free shipping in the continental US today!

In KeyForge, two players become mighty Archons, engaging in fast-paced tactical struggles on the Crucible. In your race to gather Æmber, you will lead a team filled with the creatures, artifacts, and technology. You will forge keys to unlock a Vault and come one step closer to ascending beyond this plane of existence. No matter which Houses you favor, you can now display your pride in cinematic fashion as you journey deeper into the Crucible with the upcoming release of Age of Ascension.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce nine new KeyForge playmats from Fantasy Flight Supply, each featuring art drawn from the Age of Ascension set—now available for pre-order at your local retailer or online through our website, with free shipping within the continental United States!

A World Renewed

With these nine playmats, you can continue to explore the colorful world of the Crucible, fully embracing your role as an Archon and displaying your pride for your favorite Houses. Each playmat features vibrant original art from Age of Ascension, and by collecting all nine, you can be ready for any challenge, no matter which of your Archon Decks you choose to take into battle. Complete with a high-quality, slip-resistant rubber base, each of these 24” x 14” mats display your cards in stunning fashion while keeping them protected from stains and spills, whether you're playing in a tournament or just around the kitchen table.

The intense power of House Brobnar takes center stage with the Drummernaut Playmat. This vibrant mat features the percussionist of a Brobnar rock band. The giants and goblins of this House love anything loud and destructive, and these explosive tunes are a favorite of many. There is nothing and nobody that can beat their beat.

Moving to the shadowed tunnels and dungeons of Dis that divide the current layer of the Crucible from the last, the Machinations of Dis Playmat highlights the Orb of Invidius, an artifact of House Dis. The nature of this mysterious item, or its original purpose may not be clear, but whatever it was, it’s cursed now. And curiosity about the plots of demons is a dangerous business.

Switching from the realm of monsters to the realm of logic, the In the Lab Playmat takes a peek at the work of Pip Pip, a Logos scientist. This House is divided into Theorists who focus on reason and possibility, and Mechanics who run tests and study their gathered data. Currently, Pip Pip is working at a breakneck pace as he explores the idea of a "lead foot," which is sure to cause shockwaves across the Crucible.

The Storm Crawler Playmat highlights the pinnacle of Martian innovation. While they once powered their technology with world-poisoning cavorite, since coming to the Crucible, House Mars has learned how to harness Æmber in their machines, making them better, faster, and deadlier than ever before. With advanced ray guns, flying saucers, and walkers like the Storm Crawler, they will ensure that Mars Lives On.

Take a closer look at the dark side of House Sanctum with the Grim Resolve Playmat. Aubade the Grim is a steadfast knight of the House, driven by what he believes to be divine right. When it comes to clashes between Archons, he not only captures Æmber from his opponent, he destroys it to ensure that they will not move closer towards their goal. While others may worry about becoming blinded by ambition, Aubade is certain that the ends justify the means.

Looking to House Shadows, the Finders Keepers Playmat offers a rare glimpse at the elusive thief Lamindra. As one of the Svarr elves who make up much of this House’s population, Lamindra makes her living on the Crucible by staying quick on her feet and never passing up an opportunity for profit. While others may look down on this lifestyle, the members of House Shadows know that stealing is only a crime if you get caught.

The Hypnopotamus Playmat draws from House Untamed for its art. This wild, loosely-organized House is based on freedom, so each of its members can live true to their nature. But while the wilds are inclusive, they are not safe. In fact, the hypnopotamus is the deadliest animal on three known planets! But if you can add one to your Archon’s team, you are sure to find a powerful ally in the trials before you.

In addition to these classic, art-focused mats, Fantasy Flight Supply is also proud to announce two 24” x 14” playmats that feature game layouts to accommodate either right or left-handed players! Each of these mats keeps your battles organized and immersive with marked sections for your keys, your Archon, draw deck, discard pile, and archive, while still highlighting new characters from the Age of Ascension set. With these new implements in your arsenal, you are ready to face any challenge the beautifully chaotic world of the Crucible may present.

Call of the Crucible

Whichever Houses you choose to align with, these KeyForge playmats help you to show your pride and keep your unique decks protected, ensuring that the focus stays on your tactical cosmic clashes. Embrace the nature of your House, unlock the power of your teams, and explore the ever-changing world of infinite possibilities! 

Pre-order your new KeyForge playmats at your local retailer or online with free shipping in the continental US today! Otherwise, be sure to look for these mats when they hit shelves in the second quarter of 2019!

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