Tactical Maneuvers

Read a New Short Story Set in the World of Legend of the Five Rings


There is a reason the Crane have dominated the courts of Rokugan for generations. Their words cut deeper than a sword, and with beauty and grace, they can accomplish impossible feats. It is a mistake to underestimate the Left Hand of the Emperor, through shrewd negotiation and tactics their courtiers can take even the direst of situations and turn them into a victory.

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to present “Tactical Maneuvers” by Nancy M. Sauer, a new short story set in the world of Legend of the Five Rings!

Crane Courtesy

“Tactical Maneuvers” focuses on several ongoing Crane Clan storylines, including the choice made at the 2018 Winter Court involving Doji Kuzunobu! As the Crane are continually pressured by conflict on all sides, they need all the allies they can find, including the Fox Clan Kuzunobu hails from.

To discover the trials of the Crane, download Tactical Maneuvers here (0.8 MB)!

The Fox’s Den

The Crane are the masters of the court, and to underestimate them is to invite humiliation and even death. Even when it appears they have their backs against the wall, the Crane can achieve a glorious victory.

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