Daring Allies, Fearsome Adversaries

Preview the NPCs found in Allies and Adversaries

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War rages across the stars, as the Rebel Alliance seeks to overthrow the evil Galactic Empire. The Emperor and his apprentice Darth Vader direct Stormtrooper legions against the uprising, while Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker lead efforts to restore peace and justice. Bounty hunters and smugglers find opportunity in the turmoil. Civilians, droids, and creatures everywhere simply try to survive. In these turbulent times, even rogues can find themselves joining the conflict and becoming heroes that determine the fate of the galaxy.

Allies and Adversaries brings these characters to your games of Star Wars Roleplaying in a complete codex of over 100 characters, each fully statted for easy use in campaigns of Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny!

Join us today as we preview some of the iconic NPCs featured in Allies and Adversaries!

The Beast

Chewbacca is recognized around the underworld as Han Solo’s more respectable Wookiee first mate, unflinchingly loyal even though he might be a reluctant partner in Han’s wilder schemes. Chewbacca’s loyalty is well-earned: he believes he owes Han a life debt, driving him to protect Han in return. The two met on Mimban, where Solo helped the Wookiee escape Imperial imprisonment and joined a criminal gang on an ambitious heist. The two stayed together afterward and became an inseparable team.

Chewbacca is a fierce combatant. He plays up his appearance and reputation as Han Solo’s muscle, while Han relies on the Wookiee’s reputation for strength and violence to intimidate his enemies. Chewbacca also certainly has Rebel sympathies. While Solo ostensibly makes the big decisions for the pair, Chewbacca has considerable influence and often guilts his partner into doing the right thing.

Chewbacca is almost always encountered with Han Solo, though the Wookiee sometimes has missions or tasks of his own in which the PCs might be involved. Chewie is constantly working on the Millennium Falcon and can often be found wherever the ship is berthed while Han takes care of other business.

Chewbacca is a fearsome foe or ally, and thanks to his life debt, he can spend a Destiny Point to reroll a skill check when aiding Han Solo. Aside from loyalty, Wookies are known for their dramatic temper and tendency to rip arms off. With the Wookiee Wins ability, Chewbacca can spend a triumph during Brawl checks to inflict the Maimed critical injury!

Whether you cross paths with Chewbacca as a friend or foe, he is a force to be reckoned with during any adventure.

Rule Through Fear

Wilhuff Tarkin is one of the Emperor’s most highly trusted officers and one of the most influential members of the New Order. Chancellor Palpatine was instrumental in drawing Tarkin into politics and into positions of increasing authority. Tarkin served as a captain and admiral in the Grand Army of the Republic, and once led his home world of Eriadu in the Seswenna sector. Tarkin has advocated ruling through the fear of force more than through force itself, which he included as a key part of his Tarkin Doctrine.

Grand Moff Tarkin’s influence reaches far beyond the Death Star project. As one of the galaxy’s most powerful political and military commanders, he may become involved in virtually any major Imperial situation. The completion of the Death Star occupies much of his attention, but his support of additional projects, such as Grand Admiral Thrawn’s TIE defender, can lead him to other weapons development and manufacturing facilities in the galaxy. If Rebel PCs become too effective or popular, he may personally lead a force to deal with them.

Going toe to toe with Tarkin can be an intimidating affair: his Commanding Presence can add advantages and successes to his allies and disadvantages and failures to his enemies. Tarkin’s strength comes from his ability to rule through fear, and any characters that oppose him will have to take on an inspired Imperial legion.

The Scarred Hunter

A disgraced Wookiee in exile, Krrsantan fled Kashyyyk by volunteering to fight for the Xonti Brothers. Without Krrsantan’s consent, the Xonti Brothers grafted mechanical enhancements to Krrsantan’s body, making him practically invincible in gladiatorial bouts. Enraged, the black-furred Wookiee fled, eventually becoming an elite bounty hunter hired by the likes of Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader. However, much of his time is spent partnered with Doctor Aphra, who has promised him a lot of credits and a lead on the Xonti Brothers. Krrsantan has sworn to repay the brothers in kind, in some twisted version of the traditional Wookiee life debt.

Large even for a Wookiee, Krrsantan has black fur braided and decorated with gold baubles to distract from his many scars. The largest, which cuts across his left eye, is allegedly from the blade of legendary Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Krrsantan wears a traditional armored harness and pauldrons in the style of Wookiee warriors from the city of Kachirho. He revels in hand-to-hand combat, even engaging in gladiatorial bouts to the death for fun.

Black Krrsantan can turn up anywhere in the galaxy, but he's most often found in or around spaceports that house extensive criminal networks. There, he might hunt down any number of scum on behalf of galactic power brokers. His work with Aphra often sends him to archaeological sites, museums, and universities. If someone has hired Black Krrsantan to hunt the PCs, he forces a confrontation the moment he feels the odds are even or better. He prefers to fight barehanded, throwing, punching, and choking enemies into submission. Krrsantan prefers direct confrontations, using his bowcaster only if outnumbered.

Taking on Krrsantan in a direct fight is highly inadvisable—with his Pit Fighter ability, the fearsome Wookiee can add 30 to any critical injury roll stemming from a Melee or Brawl check!

Strength in Numbers

Banthas are found on thousands of worlds across the galaxy, with hundreds of variant species demonstrating this mammal’s adaptability. They are able to thrive in a variety of environments, including marshy swampland, verdant forests, harsh deserts, and even polar tundras. Easily domesticated, banthas are used as beasts of burden and as a food source. Banthas are also used as mounts in numerous cultures throughout the stars.

Banthas are most commonly encountered as mounts or as herd animals. PCs may be tasked to guide a herd from one area to another, possibly requiring a variety of tasks to manage the herd and to help any banthas that are caught in distress. When used as a mount, the bantha can be a formidable opponent in close combat. Given their ability to carry a heavy load, banthas can also be utilized to carry PCs armed with heavy weaponry or aid in rapidly moving weapon emplacements.

Banthas can be easily domesticated and can also be used bear the weight of encumbering gear. It’s a slow moving method of travel, but one that is necessary when moving lots of equipment. 

Friends and Foes 

All these characters and more await you in Allies and Adversaries, a codex featuring the iconic characters of the Star Wars galaxy. Which of these characters will you cross paths with on your next adventure?

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