19 March 2019 | Star Wars: Legion

Architect of Terror

Preview the Director Orson Krennic Commander Expansion for Star Wars: Legion

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“We were on the verge of greatness. We were this close to providing peace and security for the galaxy.”
   –Director Orson Krennic, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

There are few the Emperor would entrust with a project as important—or demanding as much secrecy—as the construction of the Death Star. Such an undertaking requires someone with the ruthless dedication to see it through to the end and cunning enough to ensure that it remains a secret through the long years it takes to complete. In other words, a project of this magnitude requires Director Orson Krennic.  

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Ushering the Death Star project from its infancy to fruition with an iron will, Krennic is determined to win the Emperor’s favor no matter the cost. Although he rarely participates directly in the battles in which his developed weapons are deployed, Krennic’s cold and calculating nature make him more than a match for any Rebel commanders he comes up against. You’ll soon have the chance to use Krennic’s limitless ambition to your advantage with the Director Orson Krennic Commander Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion.

This expansion features a highly detailed, unpainted Director Orson Krennic miniature for you to add to your collection, his cape billowing in the wind as he marches forward with his DT-29 blaster pistol drawn. Far from being a mere symbolic presence on the battlefield, Krennic has many abilities to contribute to your Imperial armies, all of which are outlined on the unit card that you’ll find alongside his miniature.

These skills are useful, but Krennic is also a skilled commander who can do much more for your army than fire a blaster. The three signature command cards that you’ll find in this expansion give you access to even more devious strategies to employ in battle and three upgrade cards invite you to customize Director Krennic and your other units to suit your personal battle plan.

Read on for a closer look at everything included in the Director Orson Krennic Commander Expansion!

A Crowning Achievement

Creating new weapons is no easy task. Any new project demands someone who can both oversee the development of cutting-edge technologies and maintain the tightest security around these projects lest they fall into the wrong hands. With these tasks in his hands, Director Krennic is empowered to use the most elite Imperial troops to protect the weapons programs that fall under his supervision. Constantly flanked by a unit of Imperial Death Troopers, Krennic can easily direct them to eliminate any target that could compromise one of his projects.

These Death Troopers are so synonymous with Krennic, in fact, that you can ignore the rank of one of these units when building your army, seamlessly incorporating it into your troops. An extra unit of Death Troopers is especially useful in protecting any classified information that Krennic wants to keep out of Rebel hands, but he is also no fool. Krennic recognizes that he has little chance against a full squad of Rebel soldiers, even with the three dice and piercing shot of his DT-29 blaster pistol. In these situations, he’s not afraid to pull rank, compelling a unit to move forward and shield him from enemy troops, even if it brings his own unit to the brink of panic.

Imperial Death Troopers may be disciplined enough to shrug off the extra suppression from such a move, but other Imperial units don’t have this same resolve. Fortunately, Krennic is known to issue such Strict Orders that any friendly trooper unit will follow them without hesitation.   

While Krennic can certainly make a difference in the moment-to-moment changes of an ever-evolving battle, perhaps his bigger contribution is to your overall battle plan. With him commanding your army, you can subtly manipulate the flow of battle, giving your Imperial forces opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have and goading your opponent into making mistakes that could doom their efforts.

The commands you issue are crucial in dictating your strategy for a battle and with Krennic as part of your command, you can ensure your orders are carried out without interruption. Once his schemes have been put into motion, Krennic excels at catching opposing commanders off guard. For example, no matter how great it is, Krennic refuses to let his  Voracious Ambition show, leaving his rivals to wonder what he has planned. Like the secrets he fights to protect, this command card conceals the identity of the units Krennic can issue orders to, freeing him to enact his battle plan without tipping off the opposition.

But this subtlety doesn’t mean Krennic is afraid to make bold statements. At the right moment, he’s more than willing to Deploy the Garrison to lock down crucial areas of the battlefield. When he does, friendly troopers become ready to react to enemy movements before other units even have a chance to get going. Essentially daring the Rebels to move within range or find another way around, these units become a valuable screen for the rest of your army to operate behind.

It should be clear that Krennic views all the units under his command as pawns to be used to accomplish his own goals. Wherever he goes, the Death Star is sure to follow, and Krennic will use this tool to wipe out any Rebels he encounters, even if it means some Imperial troops go with them. As  Annihilation Looms,  fear spreads through every trooper unit—on both sides of the battle. But with the legendary discipline and rigorous training of the Galactic Empire at your side, you can shake off this fear and do what must be done to claim victory.

Peace and Terror

As the director of the Empire’s Advanced Weapons Research division, Orson Krennic has overseen the development of countless weapons to spread the Empire's fear and tyranny across the galaxy. Unleashed on the battlefields of Star Wars: Legion, Krennic can carry out his own reign of terror.  

Look for the Director Orson Krennic Commander Expansion (SWL33) and the Imperial Death Troopers Unit Expansion (SWL34) at your local retailer in the first quarter of 2019. Pre-order your copy at your local retailer or online through our website here!

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