15 March 2019 | Star Wars: Destiny

Inspiring Presence

Preview Troopers and Leaders in Convergence

“We shall double our efforts!”
–Moff Jerjerrod, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

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From early days of the Clone Wars to the struggle between the First Order and the Resistance, leaders and troopers have determined the fate of the galaxy by joining the battle on the front lines. From the inspiring Padmé Amidala to the terrifying Captain Phasma, these soldiers take charge of battle, inspire their fellow troops, and lead them to victory.

Convergence features an emphasis on cards that spot various subtypes on your field. For Red, this means greater attention paid to the troopers fighting battles in the field, and the leaders that push them to victory! Join us today as we preview troopers and leaders in Convergence, a new set of boosters for Star Wars™: Destiny!

Enforcing Power

We’ve already revealed Captain Phasma (Convergence, 18 ) and the re-printed First Order Stormtrooper (Convergence, 20). This formidable team can overwhelm your opponent with firepower, especially with the Advanced Training  (Convergence, 133) plot on your side. This team can also be augmented with Megablaster Troopers (Convergence, 31), a support card that lets you also roll in a First Order Stormtrooper die! However, if you have a leader directing these troopers, their efficiency is enhanced, and you can roll in an additional First Order Stormtrooper die to ensure maximum firepower!

As the rare character who is both a leader and a trooper, Captain Phasma can take full advantage of the Quicksilver Baton  (Convergence, 139), a weapon with three melee damage sides. This weapon is a tool of massive speed—equipping it on a leader lets you roll this upgrade's die immediately, while putting it on a trooper allows you to pay one resource to roll one of that character's dice. In the hands of the capable Captain Phasma, you can quickly attach the weapon and suddenly have two dangerous dice out on the battlefield, ready to resolve on your next turn.

Captain Phasma isn’t the only leader who can motivate her troops. The Imperial Officer (Convergence, 30 ) is a two-cost support and it's the perfect way to motivate your Stormtroopers. Anytime you activate the Imperial Officer, you may turn one of your trooper dice to any side! This officer can turn even the most errant trooper into a pinpoint marksman, or give experts like Captain Phasma the push they need to produce their best die face.

Leaders do more than inspire troopers, though. They have the wits and the skill to do what’s necessary and come out ahead. Make Demands (Convergence, 24) is a common card that invites you to spot a leader and put your opponent in a difficult choice. Either you deal two damage to your opponent’s most important character, or you steal one resource. With proper planning, you can even play this card when your opponent is out of resources, forcing them to damage their character and giving you a significant advantage in your ongoing conflict.

Inspiration Through Action 

Leaders and troopers are far more than just enforcers looking to have their way. Leaders and troopers can inspire, find the light when all hope seems lost, and change the fate of the Galaxy.

Padmé Amidala  (Convergence, 75) was an inspirational figure in the Old Republic, taking action when those around her would prefer passivity. A new version of Padmé enters Convergence with the ability to improve your own dice or deal damage when she needs to—Padmé lets you resolve your dice showing focus sides as if they were indirect damage! It's important to note that this doesn't just affect Padmé’s dice, but every die you control. This can turn a team of Rebel Engineers  (Across the Galaxy, 75), normally a support character, into dangerous foes, allowing you to constantly damage your opponent’s characters in a whole new way.  

Decades later, Kes Dameron  (Convergence, 73), the father of Poe Dameron, would continue to carry this torch of hope and action. Serving as a sergeant during the Galactic Civil War, Kes is another character that acts as both a leader and a trooper. Furthermore, his Action lets you instantly use any number of your trooper dice in the order of your choice! This devastatingly fast assault means that a team of troopers led by Kes can launch a quick and punishing salvo before your opponent even gets a chance to respond.

Troopers go above and beyond the call of duty, sacrificing everything for their cause. When things look dire, you can always turn to  Measure for Measure  (Convergence, 127), a common card that sees you remove one of your trooper dice to remove any other die. Costing zero resources, Measure for Measure is always playable as long as you have a trooper die on the field, and whether you use it as a desperate measure or a calculated risk, it's a surefire way to mitigate your opponent’s options.

And finally, if you choose to go all in on troopers while fighting for the heroes or the villains of the galaxy, Convergence offers a new battlefield in the form of Military Camp  (Convergence, 178). While you control this battlefield, you can use its Power Action to quickly activate two characters that share a subtype. While this can be useful for any list, you can then reroll one of those dice if it belongs to a trooper. Action efficiency is essential to gaining an advantage in Star Wars: Destiny, and a Military Camp can help your well-trained troopers come out on top. 

Lead by Example

Leaders and troopers are soldiers of action in the Star Wars saga. Not content to remain passive, you’ll often find them on the front lines of battle, throwing themselves into harm’s way for their cause. Will you join the elite ranks of leaders and troopers making their mark on the galaxy?

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