1 March 2019 | Star Wars: Destiny

A Convergence of Power

Preview the Jedi and Sith of Convergence

“Good is a point of view, Anakin. The Sith and the Jedi are similar in almost every way, including their quest for greater power.”
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

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The conflict between the Jedi and the Sith has defined the Star Wars galaxy for generations: bastions of the light battling scions of the dark. Two opposing sides of the Force, intertwined in a never-ending convergence between good and evil.

One of Convergence’s primary themes focuses on drawing more attention to various subtypes in every color. For Blue, this means an emphasis on Jedi for heroes, and Sith for villains. Join us today as we preview the Jedi and Sith in Convergence, the newest set of boosters for Star Wars™: Destiny!

Ancient Teachings

For generations the Sith operated in the shadows, the dark reflection of the Jedi Order. Harnessing the power of the dark side, the Sith rose to power and for a time controlled the entire galaxy thanks to the leadership of Emperor Palpatine and his closest advisors.

Sly Moore (Convergence, 4) is not a Sith, however, as an advisor, she is in the perfect position to support one, because after you activate her, you may reroll one of your Sith dice! At twelve points, Sly Moore can also be teamed with an elite Count Dooku (Way of the Force, 1) or Darth Vader (Across the Galaxy, 1) to form a team of terrifying villains whose dice are yours to control. Even Sly’s special ability allows you to manipulate an opponent’s die before diminishing their options by removing a random card from their hand.  While Sly Moore won’t defeat opponents on her own, pairing her with the proper Sith can lead to a devastating result for your opponent.

Sly’s ability to turn any die to a blank face can be even more effective if you give yourself to Sith Teachings (Convergence, 17), which allows you to remove any die showing a blank. Furthermore, its special ability becomes even more powerful if you can continue to remove dice every turn, never letting the pressure off your opponent while bolstering the power of this upgrade.  

As you pursue deeper Sith Teachings, it's only natural that you would be led to the Forbidden Lore  (Convergence, 12) of the Sith. Any villain can take advantage of this support, discarding it to receive a discount on a Blue ability. However, a true student of the Sith can also draw a card, refilling your hand. Playing a discounted Blue ability even frees up more resources to play the card you just drew, helping you to keep your momentum during your turn.

Of course, with a legacy of betrayal, the tale of the Sith is A Tale of Tragedy (Convergence, 6). This common card allows you to spot a Sith to turn another character’s dice to any side. While of course you can use this to disrupt your opponent’s characters, you can also turn an ally’s dice to more beneficial sides. While the Sith lust for power, they understand the importance of temporary alliances, and a tale of tragedy can be used to motivate those working with them. 

Guardians of Peace

In the time of the Old Republic, the Jedi Knights were defenders of peace and justice throughout the galaxy. Before they were wiped out in the twilight of the Clone Wars, the Jedi acted as warriors and generals, defending freedom and democracy from the Separatist threat while hunting down the Sith Lord pulling the strings.

Ahsoka Tano (Convergence, 54 ) is not a Jedi herself, but she has plenty of ways to support the wise masters. After you activate a Jedi, you may resolve one of Ahsoka's character or upgrade dice, even resolving it as though it didn't have a modifier. Considering that modifiers make up half of Ahsoka's dice results, it's invaluable to team Ahsoka up with a Jedi. At eight points for a normal version or eleven for an elite, Ahsoka could join an elite Obi-Wan Kenobi (Legacies, 32 ) to get the most out of her ability while synergizing with the melee damage on the Jedi Master’s die.

While the Sith rely on forbidden knowledge to achieve their power, the Jedi can use  Jedi Holocrons (Convergence, 68) to learn from the past. This upgrade’s die lets you gain resources and focus other dice, but the card’s true power comes from its special ability, which lets you place the holocron on the bottom of your deck to draw three cards and play a Blue ability for reduced cost. Similar to Forbidden Lore, the Jedi Holocron keeps your momentum rolling during a turn, while also conserving your resources.

At their height, the Jedi were the most powerful warriors in the galaxy. While their physical prowess and connection to the Force were vital in the Clone Wars, Jedi also rely on a Disciplined Mind (Convergence, 62 ) to win their battles. This common event simply lets you to spot a Jedi to remove a non-Jedi die. While the non-Jedi qualifier may be somewhat restricting, die removal is a powerful ability in Star Wars: Destiny, and at the cost of one resource, Disciplined Mind is one of the most effective mitigation tools in the game. 

Convergence of Power

The Force is a powerful ally, and how you approach it will determine your path. Will you join the light side and fight with brave Jedi Knights, or will you take power for yourself in the ranks of the Sith? And what will happen when these two factions meet in a convergence of power?

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