6 February 2019 | Star Wars: Legion

On the Hunt

Announcing Two Operative Expansions for Star Wars: Legion

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"Trust me, we have never faced anything like this. It's a real work of art."
   –Sabine Wren, Star Wars: Rebels

As the Galactic Empire spreads itself across the galaxy, even the most independent beings are drawn into the growing power struggle. Soon, the ranks of both the Empire and the Rebellion will be bolstered by two warriors who aren’t afraid to think for themselves. Fantasy Flight Games is happy to announce two new units for Star Wars™: Legion!

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Whether fighting for family honor or in pursuit of their next big score, both Sabine and Bossk bring all their skills as bounty hunters to your armies, bringing with them creative solutions to common problems found on the battlefields of the Galactic Civil War. Featuring new command cards for each of these operatives as well as a variety of new upgrade cards to customize your armies, these Operative Expansions unlock deadly new options for both Rebel and Imperial players.

Sabine Wren Operative Expansion

Born into the proud warrior culture of Mandalore, Sabine Wren carries the history of her people within the very armor she wears into battle. This history fuels her desire to see Mandalore freed from Imperial rule and returned to its former glory. As she joins the cause of the Rebellion, she can make use of her skills as a warrior and an artist to fight back against the Empire and inspire hope in all those suffering under Imperial oppression.

Similar to the Mandalorian armor worn by Boba Fett, Sabine Wren’s armor offers her several advantages in the battles of Star Wars: Legion. In addition to providing her with a measure of protection rarely seen in Rebel units, the armor’s equipped jet pack also makes Sabine highly mobile, allowing her to quickly cross the battlefield no matter what obstacles stand in her way. Once there, she can assail her foes with dual Westar-35 Blaster Pistols or turn to more devious methods to clear a path for Rebel troops.

Within the Sabine Wren Operative Expansion, you’ll find one finely detailed, easily assembled Sabine Wren miniature wading into battle—with additional customization options to match her mechanical abilities. You may outfit Sabine to dual wield her Westar-35 Blaster Pistols, or you may swap one pistol out for the legendary Darksaber. You can even choose to build Sabine wearing her helmet or with her face uncovered. No matter how you build this miniature, it offers a blank canvas for you to recreate Sabine's own artwork covering her armor or create your own.

This Operative Expansion also comes with three command cards that help you unlock her full potential, alongside a unit card fully outlining her abilities, four upgrade cards to further customize Sabine Wren to fit your battle plans, and all the tokens you need to fully integrate her into your Rebel army.

We’ll take a full look at everything inside the Sabine Wren Operative Expansion, including all of her upgrade cards, in a future preview!

Bossk Operative Expansion

Towering above most other beings, it’s not difficult to see how Bossk has gained a reputation as one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. Even more important to his work than his great height and reptilian features, however, are the natural Trandoshan hunting instincts he uses to track his prey across the galaxy.

When in the employ of the Empire, Bossk will throw himself at any enemy that will earn him the most money, often turning his claws into deadly weapons after softening his target up with his Relby-v10 Mortar Rifle. With the ability to easily scale obstacles and shrug off damage, Bossk is sure to be a true terror on the battlefield.

In the Bossk Operative Expansion, you’ll find an unpainted, easily assembled Bossk miniature armed to the teeth. Wearing his signature outfit and featuring two distinct poses (holding his Mortar Rifle raised, or preparing to throw a dioxis charge), this Bossk is sure to intimidate any opponent. Along with the unit card and upgrade cards that you need to fully outfit him for battle, you’ll find Bossk’s three signature command cards, giving you access to even more weapons and tactics exactly when you need them.

We’ll take a look at everything included in the Bossk Operative Expansion, including all of his command cards, in a future preview!

Born to Battle

While they may find themselves on opposite sides of the Galactic Civil War, Sabine Wren and Bossk aren't all that different. Raised to be fighters and carrying with them a legacy of war, both are ready to play their part in this galaxy-defining conflict. 

Look for the Sabine Wren Operative Expansion (SWL37) and the Bossk Operative Expansion (SWL38) at your local retailer in the second quarter of 2019. Pre-order your copy at your local retailer or online through our website here!

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