Shattered Horns

Preview the Non-Unicorn Cards in Warriors of the Wind


"You dishonor yourself and your clan with this rejection, Mistress of the Impetuous Winds.” 
   –Ikoma Anakazu

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While the foreign tactics of the Unicorn perplex some of their foes, there are some in Rokugan who excel in matching the Unicorn on the battlefield and in court. These select samurai are valuable assets when facing down the clan that rides, and are essential to victory in the conflicts of the Emerald Empire.

While the Warriors of the Wind Clan Pack contains 78 new cards (three copies each of twenty-five different cards and one copy each of three different cards) that celebrate everything that makes the Unicorn Clan great, 18 of these cards are dedicated to the other six Great Clans, and allow you to counter the powerful strategies of the Unicorn.

Join us today as we examine the tools that the other clans receive in Warriors of the Wind, a new Clan Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game!

Superior Tactics

The Unicorn are an aggressive clan, and often can't leave characters unbowed to gain the Imperial Favor. This can be a costly mistake against the Crane, especially with Kakita Ryoku (Warriors of the Wind, 13) on the field, who can constantly honor characters as long as the Imperial Favor smiles upon her clan. Playing Kakita Ryoku during the dynasty phase means you will have the opportunity to honor a character at the start of any phase. As long as the favor remains with the Crane, Kakita Ryoku will be able to repeat this effect once every round. With two glory herself, Kakita Ryoku is a valuable target for her own ability, contributing five political skill while honored, along with her Courtier status to use powerful conflict cards like For Shame! (Core Set, 207).

The Unicorn’s aggression allows them to quickly overwhelm their foes and break provinces early. But an overextension on this aggression can lead to an opening in their defenses—an opening the Lion are ready to exploit. Ikoma Anakazu (Warriors of the Wind, 26) is a four-cost character and the Daimyō of the Ikoma family. It was a rejected marriage offer between Ikoma Anakazu and Shinjo Altansarnai that sparked recent tensions between the Lion and the Unicorn, and this Bushi is the perfect foil for the Unicorn's aggressive tactics. So long as your opponent has broken a province during the current phase, Ikoma Anakazu's skills are greatly increased. This doubles his normal skill values, allowing him to stand toe-to-toe with a Moto Horde  (Core Set, 119) on the battlefield or Kakita Yoshi  (Into the Forbidden City, 43) in courts. What's more, as a conflict character, Ikoma Anakazu can appear in a conflict at an unexpected time, providing a massive skill boost just when your opponent thinks they have your back against the wall.

Warriors of the Wind encourages the Unicorn Clan to explore each of their opponent’s provinces, and they gain distinct advantages as more provinces are revealed. Agasha Taiko (Warriors of the Wind, 14) of the Dragon Clan can slow this process. After Taiko enters the battlefield, you may choose a non-stronghold province to be protected for the entire round. Against the Unicorn, this can keep your provinces facedown longer, and when facing other clans, Agasha Taiko can be used to block off a faceup province, forcing your opponent to explore the unknown and potentially reveal a devastating province during their next conflict.

Of course, the Unicorn’s Cavalry is mightier than ever in Warriors of the Wind, moving characters to and from conflict with ease. Unless, of course,  Kaito Nobukai (Warriors of the Wind, 15) takes to the field. With an honorable sacrifice, Kaito Nobukai can stop the aggressive Unicorn in their tracks. It is the rare opportunity to ensure that the Unicorn's forces stat static, one the Phoenix are all too happy to take advantage of.

While each Great Clan receives a new character in Warriors of the Wind, a neutral non-unique character also makes its debut. While the Unicorn of Rokugan ride their beasts with great skill and ability, the Ivory Kingdoms Unicorn (Warriors of the Wind, 17) is a wild beast in itself. The Ivory Kingdoms Unicorn can only be used in a military conflict, and so long as you break a province, you can immediately declare a second military conflict! Like the Ivory Kingdoms Unicorn itself, if you can maintain your momentum, your strong military skill can carry you to victory.

Defiant Foes

While the Unicorn receive plenty of new tools in Warriors of the Wind, the other Great Clans must prepare to confront them. While the Unicorn’s tactics perplexed the other Great Clans when they first returned to Rokugan, the centuries have allowed the armies of the Emerald Empire to adapt. Will your clan stand against the might of the Unicorn and use their new tools to defeat the clan that rides?

Prepare for conflict with Warriors of the Wind (L5C17), a new Clan Pack for Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game, available now for pre-order from your local retailer or our website!

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